Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Converted Grissel, Fell Caller (Painted), Storm Troll and Bouncer

 I was lurking on the recently joined Facebook Trollbloods Community when during a discussion about how ugly the original Grissel, Fell Caller miniature is, one member threw the genius idea that Janissa could be converted into a better looking Grissel.

I usually try to avoid proxies like the plague but if there is one model that would push me to play a proxy, it is this one.

Here is my take on the Grissel, using instamolds for some Epic Grissel parts (I truly am horrid with green stuff), a spare hammer from Runeshapers and...
hair I sculpted.

I wanted a dynamic pose so she is lifting her hammer in a ''Thor'' way instead of just replacing the pick-axe.

Scarf made with thin plasticard...I'd never have managed that with greenstuff.

At the same time I decided to paint my Storm Troll and Slag Troll to make a battlegroup for Grissel for the current journeyman league at Gamers' Vault:

Here is the Bouncer:

Its a SHIELD!! No seriously, this troll its hard to find a good angle for a picture of this sculpt...although I find it gorgeous.

None of these ugly plastic Trolls for me!

And here is Horgle's new best friend, couple of months before he was lonely and missing an arm but in pure Trollblood fashion he now has a left arm and a family:

And then I discovered I could zoom and it would show more colors:

So...Grissel, Slag, Storm and Bouncer for my league battlegroup?

It comes to 11pts, preventing me from using Fennblades on week 2 and thus forcing me into other stuff that Grissel's abilities dont work well with. I decided to go with Borka's original battlegroup as he'll be the one in charge starting week 4.

Without further ado here is my week 1 painted Grissel, Fell Caller Battlegroup:

One day I'll have a real backdrop, a lightbox and day...
In the meantime, thanks for submitting your eyes to my terrible pictures!

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