Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Converted Grissel, Fell Caller (Painted), Storm Troll and Bouncer

 I was lurking on the recently joined Facebook Trollbloods Community when during a discussion about how ugly the original Grissel, Fell Caller miniature is, one member threw the genius idea that Janissa could be converted into a better looking Grissel.

I usually try to avoid proxies like the plague but if there is one model that would push me to play a proxy, it is this one.

Here is my take on the Grissel, using instamolds for some Epic Grissel parts (I truly am horrid with green stuff), a spare hammer from Runeshapers and...

Monday, 13 July 2015

Northkin Fire Eaters (90% complete) and the Next Project

Hello folks,

Here is one of my two squads of Northkin Fire Eaters, they are almost complete (need to finish up some details here and there, some highlights, the mug on one guys, some freehand, work on the fire a lot more), I would say they are at the 90% mark as I wouldn't be too ashamed to field them on the table in their current state.

Yay for paper towell

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jarl and the Hunters Grim Pictures

I finished my Jarl Skuld and Hunters Grim.
Bases still need work, flocking, etc...But overall I consider these done for now. :)

While Jarl was my drop for last year Chaosludik, Hunters Grim will be the 2015 replacement, hopefully giving the same amount of headaches and trouble to my opponents as Jarl did.