Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Minions Ways to Lose: Ep.6 The Slaughter Intensifies

I played two games on my Wednesday with my almost fully painted Gatormen Posse, I went straight to write the 2nd game as it was so action-packed I was affraid I'd forget details.
I will write my first game versus David W. and his ''War of the Worlds'' convergence of Cryriss tonight or tomorrow with more games as I got my Thursday night free.
For now, enjoy a Cryx vs Gatormen Battle-Report.

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Minions Ways to Lose: Ep 5 Family Reunion + Trollbloods

Week 3 of the Journeyman Warcaster League at Gamers' Vault and now the armies have reached 25pts.

This time I only played two games and didn't even manage to paint something up...Although I could have finished my Gatormen.

Well the reason these Gatormen weren't finished is in this picture. Yup, that's right: eGrissel.
I get really easily distracted and when I want to paint something, it is hard not to do it.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Minions Ways to Lose: ep.4 When the Going Gets Though...

The though rolls get going!

So the Journeyman League reached week 2 and as such games would now be played in a 15pts format.
Not only is the Battlegroup for the Blindwater Congregation quite good (2 heavies, a warlock that wrecks enemy heavies on a regular basis) but it also only cost 11 points meaning...

That I get to add two Croak Hunters! (aka ''Fighting Ouaouaron or as my friend Antoine said: War-Ouaron)


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Minions Ways to Lose: ep.3 ...Swimmin' Log

''I Think that tree log is swimming toward me...'' 
Is probably most people's last words when they encounter a Bull Snapper.

For today's 'A Minions Ways to Lose', a very small blog post just featuring my Bull Snapper's pictures.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Minion Ways to Lose: ep.2 Let the losing begin!!!

A Journeyman League started at my Friendly Local Gaming Store (aka: Gamers' Vault) and I chose to give it a try as it would motivate me to paint my Gatormen and maybe I could get some games in.

But first, I needed to paint Bloody Barnabas as there is only one list you can play with for Gatormen at the beginning of the league.

Proof that I painted it for this league, here is my unpainted model