Wednesday, 11 December 2013

FSA: Stealth Systems Engaged, My Directorate Fleet

''Shields are back online'', the robotic voice coming his adjutant always made Rob wonder how much of it was still human.
''Commander?'' Should we prepare the fold space engines for another jump?
''Yes, prepare for these coordinates and transmit them to the rest of the fleet.''.
 As he clicked on his holoscreen, the lights flickered in the ship and an alarm erupted: ''Warning: Cyber attack detected.''

''Commander, I'm afraid the AI 's been cut and the engines are not responding. Our ship is going to be left stranded if the rest of the fleet makes the jump.''
''Arm and fire the Escape Pods, hopefully the other ships see them in time and understand we are under attack.'' As Rob looked outside, he saw little yellow and red dots closing in fast, with a low voice he said ''Scratch that, I think the rest of the fleet will notice these incoming torpedoes.''

WNT Directorate:
I Love the Directorate's story: Mega-Corporations creating their own little empire and pushing races to wage war simply so they can sell their weapons.
Of course, their gameplay translates perfectly their 'treacherous bastard' feel as their ships can equipped with bio-hazard ammunition in order to reduce their target's resistance to boarding actions as their targets loose their crew to viral weapons.
And the thing that totally convinced me to chose them as my main fleet: the Directorate has cyber-warfare weapons. (Although none of the ships I own yet have it)

Here's my current Directorate fleet. (Don't worry about the flying stands, I know you 're supposed to remove the paper, just didn't had the time last night.)

Judgement Class Battleship

For those wondering where are the weapons on the Directorate's ships.

Executioner Class Cruiser

Enforcer Class Frigate

My current Directorate Fleet.

I Painted them with dark green and light greens, my idea was to try and represent 'stealth systems' and give them a menacing look. Although its a lazy job, I'm very satisfied with the results.

Colors used:
Vallejo'' Black Green'', Vallejo ''Gunship Green'', Vallejo ''Pale Green'', Vallejo ''Barley Grey'' and an old grey-white from the GW Foundation range (RIP). Some parts where washed with Secret Weapon Minis ''Soft Body Black''.

See ya in the Storm Sector (after the 15th!)

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