Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Android Netrunner: Rielle 'Kit' Peddler ''Copycat''

''Copycat'', a criminal card, is quite the interesting program. Allowing you to pass a piece of Ice in any server and continue your run from there...if you broke a piece of Ice sharing the same name during your run.
Somehow, I think this card is a card that fits Rielle more than any other runner due to her ability to break any first piece of ice.

I wanted to build a deck around ''Copycat'', but my first attempt proved disastrous. Now I built a deck based on the runner's strength: making any ''one ice'' server a liability for the corp.
If the corps puts more Ice in the servers, it increases the chances ''Copycat'' will be useful. Sadly the deck is not fully built around Copycat.

Here's my Decklist for my current Rielle 'Kit' Peddler deck

-Identity: Rielle 'Kit' Peddler 'Transhuman'



-1x Magnum Opus
-2x Professional Contacts
-2x Kati Jones
-3x Dirty Laundry
-3x Modded
-3 Lockpick

Note on Credit-Makers:
No ''Sure Gamble''? I guess that would be one of the first cards to try and fit in this deck list...
I have Magnum Opus, while being costly and fading out of many decks, this ex-'auto include as a 3 of' is now mostly seen as a one of, mostly for decks that can fetch it. (read: shaper decks)
Professional Contacts, a must in the current meta: protects you from all the Jinteki 'Personal Evolution' decks and to a certain extent from the ''Scorched Earth'' decks, while allowing you to go through your deck quickly while getting some much needed money.
''Kati Jones'', allows the runner to play in the late game.
''Dirty Laundry'', a rush card.
''Modded'', A two for one, allowing you to save on credits and clicks, another good rush card.
''Lockpick'', maybe some people won't like that choice, but this card will be doubly useful: it will save you some credits depending on which icebreaker you are using AND it will be easily sacrificed to the, soon to be out, ''Power Shutdown'' from Weyland.



-3x Cyber-Cypher
-1x Yog.0
-1x Corroder
-1x Pipeline
-1x Femme Fatale
-1x Atman

Note on Icebreakers:
Four decoders will assure that you get one to start rushing on these codegates as soon as possible.
While Yog.0 is amazing, I only put one in the deck to spare Rielle's 10 influence, counting instead on ''Test Run'' and ''Self-Modifying Code'' to get it.
''Cyber-Cypher'' seems like a strong card, more credit-intensive than Yog.0 but at least you will be able to reduce their costly use with ''Lockpick''.
''Femme Fatale'' as a one of, will make a server protected by two Ice obsolete until the corp replace the obsolete Ice. A nice little cheat code with a ''Test Run''.
The rest is pretty basic event with the inclusion of ''Pipeline'' to try and help against Sentries.


---Drawing and Searching:
-3x Test Run
-3x Self Modifyin Code
-3x Diesel

Note on Drawing and Searching:
One of the main strength of Shapers: getting the right program for the right job! With 6 cards allowing us to search for programs, we can set up our rig pretty easily, get a ''Yog.0'' of ''Magnum Opus'', etc...
''Diesel'' to go faster through the deck.



---Other Cards:
-3x The Personal Touch
-2x Dinosaurus
-2x Akamatsu Mem Chip
-1x Copycat
-1x Medium
-3x Indexing
-3x Tinkering

Note on Other Cards:
We have our R&D pilferage toolbox with ''Indexing'' and ''Medium''. I've never played ''Indexing'' yet but it looks quite useful in the early game: even if there is no agendas we can try and slow down the corp by not giving it the money-making cards it needs, etc...
We have our Mods, this is what Shapers are supposed to be all about, mods. Here it is ''Tinkering'', to allow us to get deeper in 2-Ice servers, ''The Personnal Touch'' and ''Dinosaurus'' to make our Yog.0 better in the late game or maybe give our Sentry Killers some much needed help.
''Akamatus Mem Chip'' was chosen instead of ''Dyson Mem Chip'' for its lower cost. If it turns out the Link of the ''Dyson Mem Chip'' is more important than the credits, then change that.
Finally, ''Copycat'', the name of the deck and a single one of.

There you have it! The Rielle 'Kit' Peddler deck I will try tonight, hopefully with more success than its first iteration.

As for My Whizzard ''Rook'' Deck, I made some modifications after playing it:
What I removed:
-1 Scheherazade
-1 Morning Star
-2 Quality Time
-1 Imp
-1 Emergency Shutdown

What I added: (Thanks to your comments and playtesting)
+2 Professional Contacts
+1 Darwin
+2 Datasucker
+1 New Angeles City Hall
And then I noticed I'm missing three cards from my deck...What would you suggest I add?

As always, let's discuss: comments and suggestions are always helpful! :)
How would you build a deck based around ''Copycat''?
What cards should I consider for the Rielle deck?

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