Friday, 18 May 2012


So I've tried MERCS about a week ago and really fell for the game. At last, something that relies more on strategy than dice roll ! Don't get me wrong though, there will be some critical dice roll fail and the like but the most important part of the game is movement and what you make of it. I just finished painting my first model and will keep you posted on further development, such as a battle report from a most wanted faceoff against Guru's Keizai Waza ! Soooo without any further ado, here is my monkeywrench for the USCR, my first MERCS strike team of hopefully many ! 


  1. I want to like this game, but to me the minis are so uninspiring. I can't tell the differences between factions at a glance. This may add a side of realism, as these are all merc factions, and are lilely to go to the 'best' supplier for all kit and armour, but I prefer a healthy dose of fantasy to my gaming. Or at least to be able to tell who's fighting who.

  2. Have you seen the latest factions like Sefadu and (soon to come out) Texico? True that CCC, Kemvar and USCR looked all like space marines but MercsMinis has been doing quite a nice job at giving more personality/flavor to its factions.
    Note: the weapons aren't the same per factions and each mega-conglomerate produces its own armor and weapons, 'Mercs' stands for 'Military Economic Reconnaissance Counter Security'...they're more a regular army than mercenaries.