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the Uranium Deal (Mercs Battle Report)

---Classified Data---
--Clearance: VP and UD01 Project Director---
-Codename: Uranium Deal
-Funds: ***encrypted***
-Assets: + ***encrypted***
-Status: --Read Report--

As you are aware, the Keizai Waza ''Blue Tiger'' squad met with (name erased) USCR representatives to discuss a possible Deal in which KW would sign for Uranium (and possibly Deuterium), all abundant in Siberia, in order to reinforce its position on the world's energy market.
Details of the transaction have not transpired yet but we do know Kemvar deemed KW entry on their turf (energy) worthy of sending a full composite assassination MERCS squad to put an end to this deal (and possibly re-ignite the enmity between USCR and KW).

Drone Pictures + Comments:

Forces Involved in the Conflict:
Here's the first Kemvar Assassination Squad Dispatched: Their battle colors identifies them to Kemvar VP José.

Soon after, Kemvar VP Yaum's squad was dispatched, proof of the mission's importance.

A new USCR squad unknown to our services yet, rumors are Commander Korto got in charge of it.

The infamous 'Blue Tiger' squad, responsible of countless civilian exposed to tactical nuke's radiation. Read our other reports for more information.

Individuals Involved in the Conflict:

Assassination Side:
José assigned his Assault Leader, Assassin and Monkeywrench to the mission while Yaum provided support with his Heavy, Sniper and Demo.

Dealers' Side:
In a pure show of strength, USCR had brought a Behemoth, Assault Leader and Sniper to protect the corporates. Keizai Waza had brought a Blue Tiger Tactical Nuke Squad (Assault Leader, Forward Observer and Pathfinder) Such heavy armament brought to protect a Megacon deal shows that both dealers expected the worse (or wanted to be in a strong position to negotiate the deal).

Drone Offline/Observer's Report:

The dealers must have been quite vigilant to protect the Uranium Deal or it might have been Kemvar's attempt to avoid any links to this assassination, one way or another, a Megacon defense system started disrupting communications and only the presence of one of our observers secretly inserted in the area allowed us to keep track of the situation:

-As soon as Kemvar's assassination squad was detected, USCR and Keizai Waza moved in to intercept. A transmission we caught indicate mission orders were simple: Eradicate the intruders, lethal force allowed.
The newly formed squad of USCR took that as an opportunity to film a propaganda movie to demonstrate their Behemoth's might to citizen workers while the Keizai Waza soldiers made a vow that, should they be close to death, they would bring their would be killer in the grave before they would fall.
(Corporate Plots: 'Hero of the People' and 'Death Before Dishonor')

First 15 Minutes of the Operation

Both sides moved into position. (USCR and KW reacting to their opponent's move by bounding all their members to the USCR Sniper (reaction1)).

The Drone went online for a couple of seconds, allowing for this picture to be taken.
On the left (cut by picture) the Kemvar Demo takes position in the center of the map behind a roadblock, in the background the USCR Sniper gets on top of  a small building to cover the battlefield while the Kemvar Heavy does the same thing in the forefront. USCR Behemoth moves and sits in the middle of two streets while the Assault Leader stays close to it to help it spot targets. At the far left, rushing behind buildings, is the  Kemvar Assassin, ready to execute the mission, one Vorpal Blade kill at a time.

15-30min. Since Beginning of Operation

While the battle raged on the field, our satellite took this picture and here's our interpretation of it (cross referenced with our observer): The Keizai Waza Assault Leader, having received his own satellite picture of the battlefield, saw the Kemvar Assassin heading his way, he probably then retreated to lure the Assassin in the open street in order to expose it to the combined firepower of his own gun and USCR's Behemoth and Assault Leader.
The picture shows that the trap worked but the Assassin still was able to charge the KW Assault Leader who apparently emerged unscathed to climb on a generator and fire a couple of shots into his opponent, wounding him and de-activating his cloaking field.

On the other side of the field (No Picture, Drone Offline), the KW Pathfinder fakes a Nuke by marking a spot with his laser, the Kemvar Assassination Squad evacuate the area but no nuke gets fired.

30-45min. Since Beginning of Operation

The Kemvar Assassin then gets killed by the USCR Assault Leader.
And the first kill is soon followed by a second one as the Pathfinder falls to Kemvar Sniper's fire.

In the background you can see the Kemvar Sniper and Assault Leader, the Assault Leader will get entangled by USCR Harpoon Sniper fire.

15min to End of Operation

In the middle, avoiding a lot of incoming fire and even a wurm grenade, the Forward Observer uses his Machine Pistol to wound badly the Kemvar Demo. Prooving they are ruthless, the Heavy proceed to shoot and finish his own team Demo in order to damage the Forward Observer.
Kemvar's efforts to eliminate the Observer won't be rewarded as he will survive the bloody battle.

 Meanwhile, Both Dealers' Assault Leaders start covering each-other's back while they rush to secure the containers' area and kill more enemies...Only to receive the end-of-mission signal.


Having successfully repelled most members of the assassination squad, the Dealers Mercs were successful in preventing yet another anonymous assassination in the world's energy market. Furthermore, the USCR Assault Leader investigation of a container showed it contained Kemvar's wurm-grenade eggs.

-Our very own agent infiltrated to get infos on the deal's end got caught and is M.I.A.
-The Keizai Waza did not fire the Tactical Nuke they brought and cannot be prosecuted.
-USCR propaganda movie was not released as the secrecy of the deal was too important for the Behemoth's high command.

---End of report---
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