Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cellular Ghost's MERCs

Hey Guys!

I finally finished something! I painted 4 out of my 4 MERC minis for the potential of playing an actual game with them :D
Without further delays here they be:

They look better in real life but camera or the light dulls the details quite a bit. All the armor plates and clothes are wet blended; armor with a mix of Vallejo MC Scarlet and P3 Sanguine Highlight on a base of P3 Skorne Red washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade; and the Clothes are Vallejo MC Royal Purple/Citadel Nuln Oil and Vallejo MC Royal Purple on a Basecoat of Vallejo MC Black.
And as Guillaume (Guru) informed me, the models need a couple of markers to indicate facing. So, I put variety of reds, brown, and yellows to give a field of vision.
I had a real problem priming them since the can of primer I used gave the minis "little fuzzies". After several tries I settled for black primer since that was all I had, even I almost exclusively paint on white :/ Thats why if you look closely (or not closely :/), a bit of the detail is obscured by layering of primer. I also blame the stripping product I used, PineSol, which might have caused the fuzzies to appear due to the reaction with the primer. Dont know but I wont be using PineSol to strip my models anymore...
Now who's down for a game of MERCs?

Added new pic of the MERC KemVar Trooper


  1. Oh I am !!! I'll post my availability on the GV forum as soon as I can figure it out, let's have a game or two !!!

  2. Pinesol works great as a stripper, but I always wash my minis afterwards. I stripped the 30 sisters I used at Area in the stuff. I think the fuzzy's you speak of are a byproduct of the primer. Ive had that before, where you using AP primers?