Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Why Guru is evil...

Ever have one of those friends that gets so excited about something that he invariably drags you into his activites whether you want to or not? I have a few of those but none are quite so good at as Guru.

A couple weeks ago I went to visit Guru at the LGS which he works at and he was all excited because he was scratch building some kind of Orc ship/transport. He went on and on about how cool it was, and how he was going to go to Arena Montreal and play his Orc army and impress everyone with his custom Truks. This got me thinking again about 40k for the first time since 2004... Years ago I was hardcore into 40k. I probably have more miniatures for that game than 3 normal gamers combined. Like most, my first passion was Space Marines, especially Tactical Dreadnought Armor (Terminator Armor). I had tons of these guys still on sprus in storage bins. I say had because I spent last weekend assembling the damn things and prepping a Deathwing list. The 40k bug had bitten me, and it was all Guru's fault. He had awoken a burning faith in the Emperor that I had not felt in nearly a decade.
Now, the format for the Arena event is either a 1850pt singles tourney or a 2000pt per team doubles tourney. Since Guru already has a partner for the doubles event (BASTARD!) I am left with hard choices... either find a partner or play in a singles event. So, just to be safe I'm going to start painting up 1850pts of Termies and Dreads and Land Raiders (Oh my!) while I continue to hunt for a teammate. So, that being said, pic and updates will follow in subsequent posts. Keep an eye out for some heavy armor coming your way!

Oh, and I hate you Guru...

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