Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We're Not Slacking.

After a long 2 weeks of intense university work, exams are now coming...But I've finally finished my teamwork and as such can find some free time to paint. Even better, it was Easter's weekend so Llew and CellularGhost were able to paint too!

Of course, I should have worked on my spaceship (that I'll do today ;)) or on my Keizai Waza leader (that maybe tonight) but with the 26-27 May looming very far in the horizon I can't help but paint orks to try and have a beautiful army for Arena Montreal.
At least I'm not the only one as Llew is also painting terminators for that same event.

Here's the proofs of us not slacking on Easter's weekend:

Llew's Ultramarine Terminators

Llew's Work in progress Venerable Ultramarine Dreadnought

My Orks Deffkoptas with some very ''work in progress'' Gretchins

Deffkoptas' top

''What is this?" you'll ask me, ''What is this mini that interrupt the 'red vs blue' feel we were giving to this post??'' Well, the answer is simple, its the first mini Cellularghost painted in a long time (see, he's working and studying too), Nissa, Tear of Vengeance, in purple and gold which is his army's paint scheme.

That's it for today, hopefully there will be an update very soon as I'll get to work a little on the Blorkade-Runners or my Keizai Waza leader...or my gretchins!

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  1. My poor dread was shown too early! He was not ready for public scrutiny! But at least the termies are nearly done. :) Just highlights and a few details left to do on that squad!