Saturday, 28 April 2012

Unbounding Reality...

The worst part about knowing Guru is the fact that he never lets you finish one project before he has the next one ready to go. It was decided by him that this summer we would do a Warmachine Unbound painting challenge. Personally I am all for it as unbound is something I have always wanted to try, and I have a TON of Warmachine stuff to paint anyway. That being said, here is my Menoth list as it stands.

Harbinger of Menoth (*5pts)
* Crusader (6pts)
* Templar (8pts)
Grand Exemplar Kreoss (*6pts)
* Castigator (8pts)
* Fire of Salvation (9pts)
Hierarch Severius (*6pts)
* Devout (5pts)
* Crusader (6pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Avatar of Menoth (11pts)
Daughters of the Flame (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Exemplar Bastions (Leader and 4 Grunts) (8pts)
Exemplar Cinerators (Leader and 4 Grunts) (8pts)
Exemplar Cinerators (Leader and 4 Grunts) (8pts)
Exemplar Errants (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Exemplar Errants (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Exemplar Vengers (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts))
Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts
High Exemplar Gravus (5pts)
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon (3pts)
Knight Exemplar Seneschal (3pts)
Knight Exemplar Seneschal (3pts)
Paladin of the Order of the Wall (2pts)
Paladin of the Order of the Wall (2pts)
Reclaimer (2pts)
The Covenant of Menoth (2pts)

Some quick elementary school math will show you that this list is only 130 points worth of figs. This is because I am leaving room for the Colossal when it becomes available this summer. :)

Loking at the list, you may be wondering what evil plan I had when I designed it? What synergies I build my strategy around? The answer is quite simple... none. I looked at the Army and said to myself which casters can I see working together? So I thought about it a while and came up with this fun little bit of fluff...

The Harbinger has been gifted a vision from Menoth. In her vision, Hierarch Severius is to go on a pilgrimage of discovery into Ios. Somewhere within the borders of the Elven lands lies a great artifact of the builder. This artifact, if wielded by a true believer, could crush those who stand between man and his worship of the one true god. His guide on his journey would be the Harbinger, her visions guiding Severius to his goal. His protector will take the form of Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss and his Order of Exemplars. With the strength of the Exemplars, and the guidance of Menoths chosen on Caen, nothing will stand in Severius's way. Not even the people of Ios...

So, now that I have a theme I am ready to go. :) If I understood correctly our painting challenge starts in June, so until then I will continue to finish up my other projects and perhaps try to get some of this pile of Menoth assembled.

It's going to be a busy summer. ;)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Nuclear Launch Detected (Part 3)

Well, it took me some time to go back to my MERCS, not that I didn't want to but I was mostly distracted (as it is often the case) either by the Blorkade-Runners or university teamwork.

Three things kept me going so I would see the completion of the third member of the Blue Tiger group: This blog, the Mercs Minis Forums where I said I would finish the leader and the fact that more and more people are looking at Mercs starters at the store and picking up some.

I won't write more text as you've waited long enough for the pictures:

Here it is! The Keizai Waza Assault Leader of my Blue Tiger Corp.

I Love that little Tactical Nuke, I was afraid I couldn't make it look good but I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

As you can see, he is on a better base than plain old plastic, it's a Secret Weapon ''iron deck'' base, I wanted this 'industrial' feel to my guys, a feeling you could find playing your starcraft Terrans or simply by looking at Mercs' beautiful artworks.

And now a group shot of the three members so far, notice that I also changed their bases and I marked them for gaming as I saw on the Mercs forums.

Now only two more members to paint!! (Although I'm seriously thinking about getting that little sniper to have the full 6...I'll paint him in a reverse paint scheme.)
I don't want to make promises I cannot keep but I'm seriously wondering if I can have the last two (demolition and heavy) painted by this week's Thursday: In time to play with new players in the community.

Comments and critics welcomed!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sekret Projekt: ''Da Wing'' (Part 2)

In Part 1of this saga I showed you how to build the main frame of the ''Blorkade Runners'' (noun; orkish BlitzUlk: a space to ground assault ship. Will often bristle with weapons and have a small orkish crew.), now it's time to close that beautiful spaceship...

Step 6: Get more gubbinz...

For the ship's enclosure and ramp you'll need:
-More of the Insulation Foam 1'' Thickness...But you should have a lot left from Part 1
-1 Plasticard Tube
-1 Plasticard Rod (shaped like rivets)
-1 Sheet of Very Thin Plasticard
-More Warhammer 40k Bits
-1 Textured Plasticard Sheet
-1 Thick Plasticard Sheet (I'll give you thickness soon)
-1 Brass Rod

-White Glue
-Super Glue
-Cutter (or exacto)
-An Old Mouspad

So almost everything you used in the 1st Part plus couple of small additions...

Time to get the Gretchins to work, its time to...

Step 7: Close Dat Ship!!

Start cutting pieces of foam that will fit inside the beer glass, these will be the crew compartment (with my beer glass, I had to cut a piece 4'' long by 1.7'' large at the top and 2.5'' large at the bottom).

Check how it fits inside the glass, you want it low so those taller ork nobs don't knock their head against the roof (you know it puts them in a real bad mood ;))

Now take the Textured Plasticard and cut it (I think 0.5'' larger on the sides)

Another picture to show better.

Ideally it should look like this. You can always cut the foam and plasticard to make sure it fits inside. (It obvious but I'm telling you.) Glue the plasticard to the foam with white glue. DO NOT GLUE THE FOAM TO THE SHIP yet.

Put one of those leftover plastic beer glasses (the same you 're using for the frame) on the thick plasticard and draw a circle using the larger end.

Cut the circle with scissors.

If it looks like this, your orks can be proud of you!

Cut a door, try and take in consideration the deck. You want the door large enough that people will be able to see the inside of your ship.

Okay, my door isn't the most symmetric but it wORKS. 

I replicated a Chimera (Warhammer 40k) door in thin plasticard, sure I could add rivets and greenstuff but I was lazy, feel free to do so.

I glued the small plastic door in the back of the ship. You might notice my deck is not horizontal...This is unacceptable! But it's okay because I didn't glue it yet (did you?).

For those who carefully read the instructions, you might have noticed that I didn't talk about gluing this deck yet and here's the reason: let's make it orky!! Glue bits of thick plasticard and random 40k bits on it, do it with an ork mentality = glue stuff laying around that orks would have. (ex: ammo, weapons, wheels, etc...)

Feel free to glue bits on the side of the glass, same with armor plates. Glue with white glue your foam deck to the ship, make sure it's aligned!

Glue, using superglue, the thick plasticard door frame to the plastic beer glass frame. Align it.

Step 8: Time to make a working ramp

Measure a plasticard tube from on side of the plasticard door frame to the other (you can scroll down a couple of pictures to get an idea), cut it into pieces, glue one of these pieces to the door.

Get the Brass rod and cut a piece long enough to fit in all three bits at the same time.

Close the ends.

Fit the door in the frame (don't glue!!), glue one end (aligning it) put the brass rod in and carefully glue the last end of the plasticard tube. All three should have the Brass Rod inside.

Step 9: It's time to do what you do best

In part 1 you got really good at putting armor plates and orkifying everything in your house with rivets...Well same here!!! Glue armor plates cut in thin plasticard and put rivets everywhere on that door, make sure nothing impedes it from opening. For an extra ''orky effect'' glue teeth made of thick plasticard to the top of the door. Add random 40k bits if you feel like it.

Tadaa! The door should work!

And you can see the inside!??! Crazy!

Step X: Pictures of my own Blorkade Runner:

Zugnut making sure the gretchins are following the mek's instructions. One of the Deffkoptas I painted this weekend couldn't resist to show its colors.

Oy Gretchins! Get back to work!!

The Blorkade Runner with the turret...

Next Episode:
-How to build these Kinder Surprise Turrets
-How to use the Valkyrie Stands for your Blorkade Runner.

Now I need to run to work or I'll be late!! Happy Building and Waaagh!!!

Airport ramblings of an old 40k gamer...

As I sit here waiting for my flight today I am swamped with thoughts of my 40k army that is under construction. If you read my previous little post you will know that due to a friend of mines renewed interest in the game I was sucked back into 40k. What astounds me most about this turn of events is that I am actually having fun painting up my Ultrasmurfs. Having realized that, I am left wondering why I ever stopped playing this game in the first place. Let us reflect on this...

Warhammer 40k is a high model count game, and with high model counts the cost is equally high. But, let's be honest, mini's are expensive. All mini games are expensive, the only difference is the number of little men you put down on the table. If you look at WarmaHordes the cost per model is not that different than 40k. That being said, why do people crap on the cost of 40k so much. I have to admit that I am guilty of that myself. But honestly speaking, is a dreadnought at 50 bucks really all that different from a warjack at $40? Or a character warjack and $50+? I am not trying to justify anything here, just stating some facts for comparisons sake. One could argue that since you need less models to play WarmaHordes that the overall costs of the game are lower. This would be true, except that everyone I know that plays those games has more than one army, myself included. On top of this, I already owned almost everyting you could buy for my multiple 40k armies. I had nothing left to buy, so cost can't be why I left the game right? I spend more now on the 6 different mini games I play than I ever did on 40k alone. Having realized this there are only two things left that I can think of that would turn me away from the game. One being the rules set, the other being the players.

I started playing in second ed, and I enjoyed 3rd and left in 4th ed. 4th just cleaned up some of 3rds mistakes and was very enjoyable as a rules set imho so I can't blame the rules for my departure. Codex creep is a bitch, but I have never been that concerned with how viable my army was. So long as I had fun with it and enjoyed the models. I guess I have always been more of a hobbyist than anything else. That being said, you would think my models would look better. lol

That brings us to the players... and its here I realized that I made my fatal error. I played a lot of 40k back in the day. It was the only game I played and I played every chance I got. I played anyone and everyone that would walk into the gaming store. I think that was my error. Most people who play wargames as much as I do tend to play with a hyper competitiveness that drives them to make army lists that crush their opponents. I play with a army list comprised of models I happen to have painted and that I think look cool. I am sure you can see where a problem might arise there? It wasn't the losing that bothered me... it was the complete lack of fun in playing people who didn't care about having fun. Winning wasn't everything for them, it was the only thing. When I walked away from 40k and went to other games I started subconsciously picking my opponents more carefully, avoiding any type of competitive play. I don't do tournaments, I don't do competitions of any type. I find people at the gaming store that I like and get along with. I play with them exclusively. I approach my wargaming like most people approach dating after a bad relationship. I look for someone I find interesting, I test our compatibility, and then I play a game with them. If I have fun, we have a second date. lol I don't blame people for wanting to win, and I don't blame people for playing the army of the month with a hyper competitive list. What I do blame people for is sucking the fun about the the hobby I love. I think there is a balance that people can strike here that some gamers are either unable or unwilling to do. In casual play, you can bring a couple lists to the table and pick the one that best suits the type of opponent you will be playing. If that's not feasible for you, you can just try your best to be social, have fun and make your opponents game enjoyable while you crush his army under your heel. :) I think back to the regulars I played with and there were a few who were very competitive and beat me soundly but I would play them again in a hearbeat.

Wargaming is a community activity and as such people have to behave as they would in any other community activity. They must be social, considerate, and most of all, endeavor to ensure that their opponent is having fun too. If we could all do this, our local gaming stores would be packed with players and we would all be happier.

Well, my plane is here and I have to go. Thanks for listening.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We're Not Slacking.

After a long 2 weeks of intense university work, exams are now coming...But I've finally finished my teamwork and as such can find some free time to paint. Even better, it was Easter's weekend so Llew and CellularGhost were able to paint too!

Of course, I should have worked on my spaceship (that I'll do today ;)) or on my Keizai Waza leader (that maybe tonight) but with the 26-27 May looming very far in the horizon I can't help but paint orks to try and have a beautiful army for Arena Montreal.
At least I'm not the only one as Llew is also painting terminators for that same event.

Here's the proofs of us not slacking on Easter's weekend:

Llew's Ultramarine Terminators

Llew's Work in progress Venerable Ultramarine Dreadnought

My Orks Deffkoptas with some very ''work in progress'' Gretchins

Deffkoptas' top

''What is this?" you'll ask me, ''What is this mini that interrupt the 'red vs blue' feel we were giving to this post??'' Well, the answer is simple, its the first mini Cellularghost painted in a long time (see, he's working and studying too), Nissa, Tear of Vengeance, in purple and gold which is his army's paint scheme.

That's it for today, hopefully there will be an update very soon as I'll get to work a little on the Blorkade-Runners or my Keizai Waza leader...or my gretchins!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Why Guru is evil...

Ever have one of those friends that gets so excited about something that he invariably drags you into his activites whether you want to or not? I have a few of those but none are quite so good at as Guru.

A couple weeks ago I went to visit Guru at the LGS which he works at and he was all excited because he was scratch building some kind of Orc ship/transport. He went on and on about how cool it was, and how he was going to go to Arena Montreal and play his Orc army and impress everyone with his custom Truks. This got me thinking again about 40k for the first time since 2004... Years ago I was hardcore into 40k. I probably have more miniatures for that game than 3 normal gamers combined. Like most, my first passion was Space Marines, especially Tactical Dreadnought Armor (Terminator Armor). I had tons of these guys still on sprus in storage bins. I say had because I spent last weekend assembling the damn things and prepping a Deathwing list. The 40k bug had bitten me, and it was all Guru's fault. He had awoken a burning faith in the Emperor that I had not felt in nearly a decade.
Now, the format for the Arena event is either a 1850pt singles tourney or a 2000pt per team doubles tourney. Since Guru already has a partner for the doubles event (BASTARD!) I am left with hard choices... either find a partner or play in a singles event. So, just to be safe I'm going to start painting up 1850pts of Termies and Dreads and Land Raiders (Oh my!) while I continue to hunt for a teammate. So, that being said, pic and updates will follow in subsequent posts. Keep an eye out for some heavy armor coming your way!

Oh, and I hate you Guru...