Warmachine / Hordes (A Minion Ways To Lose)

A Minion Ways To Lose

-The Episodes:

(Gatormen's Side:)
= Rask gets painted.

= Rask gets a new purse warbeast (his first!) it is a Blackhide Wrastler.
Barnabas gets painted, I show my Ironback Spitter and proceed to play some games in a Journeyman league.

Episode 3: Swimmin' Log
= The Bull Snapper dances in anticipation of its next meals.

Episode 4: When the Going Gets Though...
= Croak Hunters join in the fun of head-hunting, I play more Journeyman games.

Episode 5: Family Reunion
= More battles in No Man's Land and Flag country while Trollbloods get painted instead of my Gators.

-What is 'A Minion Ways To Lose'? 
It is a serie of episodes retracing the building and painting of Warmachine/Hordes armies from unassembled models to painted models kicking some serious cogs on the Iron Kingdoms' battlefields.

-Barnabas' Kill Count (sarted on 05-02-2014)
-1x Crusader Heavy Warjack
-1x Butcher of Khador
-1x Argus
-1x Renegade
-1x Talon
= and has not been caster-killed yet. (as of 05-02-2014)
-1x Slayer
-1x War Hog
-1x Gun Boar
---First Casterkill of Barnabas (Antoine B. 13-02-2014)
-1x Slayer
---Second Casterkill of Barnabas (Daniel M. 13-02-2014)
----Nothing (No Casterkill and no kills) (20-02-2014)
-1x Algorithmic Dispension Optifex
-1x Slayer
-1x Nightwrecth
-1x Pirate Queen Skarre
= and survived his day of battle (as of 27-02-2014)

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