Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Moosecon: All the fun of a big con in a single day!

So in late October or early November, my roommate Tacin and myself had just finished our gaming basement and we had been playing fairly regularly warmachine with my friend Felix when the idea popped up that we could look for a fun team tournament to play as a team and motivate us to play even more games of Warmachine.

Looking around we found the OTC and Moosecon. I was asking if there was still spots open for the Ottawa Team Tournament when I got an admin message that said they had sold out under 7 minutes. Moosecon had still two spots open in the team tournament so I jumped on the occasion and registered the three of us to the challenge.

To secure the spot I sent a payment via paypal and the Montréal Rhinodons were born!

The cool logo Anaid (Tacin's wife) did for us