Thursday, 18 June 2015

Grim Experiment vs Mordikaar, Kriel-Fu vs Fist of Halaak

Today saw some intense fighting as I got to play both Calandra AND Hunters Grim in two very intense games against Alain's Skorne.
Despite my horribly fuzzy memory (lack of sleep combined with 8 hours of intense gaming), I offer you a battle report as well as tons of pictures taken from a phone camera!

Grim Experiment vs Mordikaar:

Scenario: Recon

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Grim Experiment

Tomorrow I get to face Alain again, and we will proceed to 'list chicken' with two lists each.

While I intend to have in my bag my Calandra list, I know that probabilities are high I will face Alain's Fist of Halaak.
While Calandra should be able to withstand the onslaught, I wanted to have a second list in my bag that I've been working on...Or more than a second list, a second caster: Epic Grim a.k.a. Hunters Grim.
Image property of Privateer Press...I just used it because my phone was too dead to take a picture of my WIP Hunters Grim. Quality blogging at its finest! 

What is eGrim bringing to the table?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Calandra's School of Kriel-Fu vs Mordikaar Attrition/Assassination List

I got to try my Calandra ''School of Kriel-Fu'' list today.

I understand this will make for a very dry battle-report but I decided to write it anyway because this game showcase the Kriel-Fu vs a very competitive Mordikaar list and gives insight as in defeat we learn.

Calandra's School of Kriel-Fu vs Mordikaar Attrition/Assassination List

Opponent: Alain
Age: Unknown...He his rumored to be as old as Zaal.
Passion: Unknown but he probably likes painting his Skorne because they are gorgeous!

My opponent, Alain was playing a Mordikaar competitive list that had the following:

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The School of Kriel-Fu

The bright orange clothes of my trollbloods always made me think of Shaolin Monks and now that I've seen a certain 30 minutes movie that is free on Youtube (This one to be more precise) I couldn't help but think of that title.

Here are my three latest things I painted:

A Second Earthborn Dire Troll Mauler:

its pose makes it so hard to take good pictures...