Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Suprise unboxing (unparceling?)

So, as I've been anxiously waiting for the Pulp City kickstarter to arrive, I found a white bubble-mailer envelope in my mailbox last Wednesday.

Oddly blank, but stamped as coming from France, I quickly realized that it was the Figopedia Vol.1 book. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not participate in the Indiegogo campaign for it, but helped with its translation).

So yes, it was packed in an envelope, which was itself folded in half and held by thick rubber bands - and from experience, it doesn't matter if there's a stamp or sticker that says "Do Not Fold" on it, it'll get folded. Thanks, Canada Post!

I opened the envelope and peered inside. Wow. There's a lot more than I expected in here:

Well, let's be curious monkeys, shall we?

First off, we have a strip of three stickers, all with Figone imagery and logos:

Sweet! They'll work great as decoration on my toolkit for brushes and stuff!

Then we have a bookmark:

Which will look perfect in the book.

Followed by two delicate resin models. The Queen of Slaughter, a tough-looking female barbarian:
And the Queen of Death, a snake-wearing, scythe-wielding, necromancer-looking woman:

It looks like the bending of the envelope by the mail carrier broke one of the finer pieces from the Queen of Slaughter, but I'm pretty sure it could be fixed with only minimal work. (Or at least, so I hope).

And finally, we have the centerpiece. The Figopedia book, which, looking at the cover, states it's a Vol.1 in a series. Huh. Wonder what the next topics will be...

So, leafing through the book, we can see some amazing artwork (at this point, it's no longer just "miniatures and their paintjobs"), with some good explanatory text. As I haven't had the time to read it properly, I won't give an in-depth review here (it's just an unboxing). I'll leave you to some more pictures, and will do the review next time.... see you then!

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