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DUST: Elba Campaign Scenarios (Beta part 2)

Quickly posted so the players can play some games without having to wait for me. Will be reworked on with nice pictures and stuff!

Step 4: Map for the Elba Campaign:

In Dark Blue (left of the map) : Territory now under Allied Control.
In Grey-Black (top corner right of the map) : Territory still under Axis Control
In White (bottom corner right of the map) : Territory now under SSU Control
In Light Grey :Territory being fought for currently.

1: Portoferraio's Docks = Zverograd Veterans Reinforcements Area = 10pts (Axis)
2: Portoferraio's Kommandantur = Blutkreuz Guard Division Reinforcements Area = 10pts (Axis)

3: Church on the Hill = 20pts
4: Asylum (Blutkreuz Prison) = 50pts
5: Weather Control Station = 20pts
6: Village = 20pts

7: Captured Airfield = Allied Asocom Black Ops Reinforcements Area = 10pts (Allies)
8: Beach = Canadian Mechanized Division Reinforcements Area = 10pts (Allies)

9: Creak = SSU International Revolution Bureau Reinforcements Area = 10pts (SSU)
10: Porto Azzurro = SSU Propaganda Bureau Reinforcements Area = 10pts (SSU)

Air Battles:

Step 5: Location Descriptions and Scenarios:

''Where Corsica's landscapes where beautiful and bucolic, Elba's shocked us: where there should be nice little Italian villages we found zombies-infested ruins, the vineyards had been turned into trench networks and beautiful villas into Command Centers. War at its best.''

1.Portoferraio's Docks:
''Buzzing with activity from axis dockers unloading walkers and crates from U-Boats and boats to the veterans assembling into units and the occasional Flakpit shooting at Allied airplanes trying to recon the place, Portoferraio's Docks are critical to the Axis forces being brought back from Zverograd to reinforce Elba.''
--Blowing Up Portoferraio's Docks--
-Special Rules: Reinforcement Area

Defender/Attacker: Campaign Rules
Setting Up Terrain: Portoferraio, despite having been reinforced with concrete bunkers, trenches, ammo depots and other military infrastructures still has a fair share of buildings standing. This is thanks in no small part to the Luftwaffe's efforts in trying to repell Allied bombers and battleships. Players should put a cluster of buildings in the middle of the board to represent a part of Portoferraio's village.
One long table edge will be the sea, the other mainland.
Deployment: The Defender gets a free zwei laser kanone bunker but must chose to place it facing either the sea or the mainland.
The Defender then deploys half of his force (rounded up) in a 16'' band area in the middle of the map (the area should be 16'' away from each long table edges.
The Attacker deploys all of his force within 8'' of the sea or mainland long table edge or both.
Reserves: The Defender Reserves can come in starting turn two from a long table edge if there is no enemy unit within range 1 of that table edge.
Winning the Scenario: Two objectives are placed in the defender's deployment area, the Attacker needs to have an infanty unit spend two actions to place demolition charges on the dock objectives to blow them and win. If at the end of turn 5 there is still at least one objective that wasn't blown up, the Defender wins.

2.Portoferraio's Kommandantur:
''Known as 'The Root of all Evil' to the inhabitants and scientists trapped on Elba, the Kommandantur is the main command center for the Blutkreuz operations on Elba. It has been transformed into a little fortress by the fanatical Blutkreuz troops. Thankfully for the SSU and Allies, the Kommandantur's somewhat remote location allows for a siege.''
--Kommandantur's Encirclement--
-Special Rules: Tunnels, Reinforcement Area
Campaign Rules
Setting Up Terrain: Not exactly located in Portoferraio, the Kommandantur is a big building that has now been reinforced with trenches and pillboxes around it. Around the Kommandantur are little pastoral fences, small buildings and patches of wood.
Three ''Tunnel Marker'' (the size of a small Dust base) should be placed anywhere on the map by the defender.
Deployment: The Defender deploys half his force in a rectangle area that is 16'' from every table edges. The Attacker uses the Meeting engagement rules and can come from any table edge.
Reserves: The Defender Reserves can come starting turn two. Roll a dice to see from which side they come in with Faction symbol associated with a long table edge, Bullseye associated with the other long table edge and the shield being any small table edge of the Defender's choice.
Winning the Scenario: One Objective is placed in the Kommandantur. The Attacker wins if he controls the Objective, the Defender wins if he controls the objective at the end of turn 4 or any subsequent turn or if all of the Attacker's forces are eliminated.

3.Church on the Hill:
''That hill probably wouldn't have been that troublesome five years ago but now that the damned Jerry developed their Lothars and Konigswhat-not, we simply can't let them have it. Whats even worse is that I got reports of fleet captains telling me they are using the hill to pinpoint and fire at our ships...
Now you know what to do and you better get it or I'll have you scrubbing vomit off the transport ships.''

--King of the Hill--
-Special Rules: Vantage point.
Defender/Attacker: Campaign Rules
Setting Up Terrain: As the name of this scenario suggest, there should be a large (and if possible tall) hill, place it in the middle of the board. Place a Church on top of the board and make sure there is enough space left on the hill for walkers and infantry to move.
The area aroung the hill should be devastated by counter-battery bombardments and as such there would be some craters. Trenches, wood thickets and ruins can also be used to block line of sight and provide cover.
Deployment: The Defender deploys a third of his units on the Hill and the other two thirds 10'' from one of the short table edges. The Attacker deploys all his units 20'' from the remaining table edge.
Winning the Scenario: One Objective is placed on top of the Hill. The Attacker wins if he controls the Objective, the Defender wins if he controls the objective at the end of turn 4 or any subsequent turn or if all of the Attacker's forces are eliminated.

''If Elba can be described as a nightmare, this is its epicenter. The Blutkreuz made sure assaults on this prison wouldn't be an easy thing and every step we take there is either a mine, a sniper drawing a bead on us or some ubertoten ambushing us from a tunnel...Well, joke 's on them because boys, when we'll have control of the Asylum, I'll be the first one to greet them with a machine-gun out of a tunnel when they'll come to take it back!''
--The Most Important Place on Elba--
-Special Rules: Pure Hatred, Tunnels
Setting Up Terrain: Ruins, Trenches, Sniper Towers, Barracks, Walls, Crates, etc..Everything you want to make the Asylum look like a super-fortified stronghold able to whitstand any assault. The main Building of the Asylum should located in the center of the table. Try and add three aisle in ruins to represent the Asylum and then add fortifications, woods, mines, etc...around the Asylum.
Three ''Tunnel Marker'' (the size of a small Dust base) should be placed anywhere on the map by the defender.
Deployment: The Attacker choses a side to attack from, the Defender can deploy anywhere up to the front of the Asylum (not counting aisle, only main building) side facing the side the Attacker chose. The Attacker then deploys within 12'' of his chosen side.
Winning the Scenario: One objective is placed in each Asylum aisle as well as inside the main building.  Every turn, a 'scientist' miniature appears at the Objective in the main building. The Defender wins if he can have three or more scientists escape from the side opposite to the Attacker's deployment. Scientists cannot move by themselves, they need to be attached to an infantry squad (Yes, it can be apes or zombies), mounted in a vehicle or tank-riding. When a scientist, the squad it joined or vehicle it was on touches the side of the table, remove the scientist including the squad then roll two dice, on a faction symbol bring back the squad or vehicle as it is ready to go back on the fight. If the squad or vehicle did not come back, you can roll three dice each time it would activate to see if it comes back and if it does, deploy it touching the table edge the scientist left from.
----Scientists can join any infantry squad, they have 1 wound, no weapons and no skills.----
The Attacker wins if he controls the Objective in the main building or if he controls more objectives marker than the Defender.

5.Weather Control Station:
''As we came closer to the station, we noticed the unexploded charges left by the Blutkreuz. We rushed to cut wires and called for Fakyelis to disarm the more complicated bombs. Then, Comrade Yugo touched a console out of curiosity, that 's when we lost air support.''
---Announcing Bad Weather---
-Special Rules: none.
Setting Up Terrain: Place the Weather Control Station building on the middle of a long side, touching the edge of the board. As the Weather Control Station is a secret project, the Blutkreuz tried to not attract attention by reinforcing the perimeter, instead, the Weather Control Station is lost in the woods of Elba.
place forest and bucolic terrain.
Deployment: Meeting Engagement rules, the Defender gets to chose which short side he wants to deploy from, the Attacker deploys from the opposite.
Winning the Scenario: Place one objective in the Weather Control Station (or touching the building). Then place an objective in each corner of the table opposite of the Weather Control Station, exactly 8'' from the edges. A player wins if he controls the Objective on his opponent's side and his opponent doesn't control the Weather Control Station.
---At the beginning of any turn, the player controlling the Weather Control Station's objective can chose to roll one dice, then apply the following results to the game:
-Faction: Heat Wave, infantry cannot move more than 3.
-Shield: Heavy Rains, Vehicles cannot move more than 2. Visibility is reduced and units cannot fire at a target farther away than 16''.
-Bullseye: Heavy Winds, Aircraft cut their movement in half for each move action they take. Artillery weapons increase the minimum range to fire their weapons to 20''.

''At first you pity the villagers that got infected by whoever decided to use the abandonned Blutkreuz mortar shells, then you see them eat one of your comrades.''
---City Council---
-Special Rules:  none.
Setting Up Terrain: Place lots of small buildings, barricades, cars, obstacle, etc...Its a semi-urban area.
Deployment: Defender choses a long table edge. Starting with the Defender, players alternate deployment of their forces within 12'' of their table edge.
Winning the Scenario: Starting with the Defender, each player places an objective near or inside two buildings, they must be placed totally within 12'' of the center of the table. At the end of each turn there is a Zombie Attack, roll a dice for every unit or vehicle within 4'' or inside a building, on a Bullseye it suffers one damage with no save or damage resilient allowed. After rolling for the Zombie Attack, a player wins if he controls more objectives than his opponent.

7.Captured Airfield
''Now full of Allied airplanes and some abandonned Axis ones, the Airfield was taken from its Axis defenders by the Asocom Black Ops Section and has since then remained in their hands despite assaults from both the Blutkreuz and SSU. For now the Airfield is mostly used to get supplies airdropped by the RCAF but a keen observer will notice the empty transport planes waiting, ready to extract whatever their cargo will be from the island.''
---Rapid Extraction---
Special Rules: Reinforcements Area
Setting Up Terrain: This a small airfield, quonset huts, crates and flak pits should be on the board if possible. Deploy an Allied aircraft in the center of the table.
Deployment: The Defender deploys up to half his force within 16'' around the center of the table and keeps the rest in Reserves. The Attacker choses a long table side and deploys within 8'' of it.
Reserves: The Defender Reserves can come in starting turn two from any short table edge. Before rolling to see if a unit comes in, the Defender must announce if the unit or vehicle is carrying a crate. There is only three crates that can be carried and they are lost if the unit or vehicle carrying it is destroyed.
Winning the Game: The Attacker wins if he destroys all three crates. The Defender wins if he ends a turn with a unit or vehicle that did not march move and carries a crate touching the plane.
---Note: Aircrafts cannot be used to carry crates. Yes, units can carry crates and be transported by a vehicle, in that case the Attacker has to destroy both the vehicle and then the units to destroy the crate.

''Now reinforced into a small port, 'The Beach' as its commonly called is the main place where Allied armor is unloaded. Often assaulted by Zverograd Veterans FussPanzer divisions, it is now more endangered by the presence of SSU saboteurs. Nonetheless, Allied logistic experts continue to do their jobs and make sure the flow of Allied vehicles never stop.''
---Tank Hunting---
Special Rules: Reinforcements Area
Setting Up Terrain: If possible, have water on one of the long edge. There should be hills and LOS blocking terrain, crates, quonset huts and other elements can be added to turn the table into an Allied base of operations.
Deployment: the Defender takes the long table edge with water and deploys anywhere within 24'' of it. The Attacker uses the 'Meeting Engagement' rules. The Defender deploys a truck anywhere within his deployment area then the Attacker deploys a truck anywhere within the Defender's deployment area.
Winning the Game: The Attacker wins if a turn ends and the Defender has no vehicle on the table. The Defender wins if a turn ends and the Attacker has no infantry unit on the table. The two trucks deployed count as being Defender's vehicle and cannot be attacked as long as he has an infantry squad within 4'' of them. They use the Axis Haltrack stats but have no weapons. They can be destroyed if they are destroyed by an attack also killing all the Defender's infantry (ie: blast).

''The equivalent of the Allies' 'Beach', the Creak is where most of the heavy equipment is unloaded from SSU submarines. The area shows very little signs of the SSU activity as they try to hide from Allied Bombers but troops on the ground can spot tracks and footprints from the heavier SSU vehicles.
At night, Submarines resurface to bring new stock from secret factories somewhere in North Africa or Europe.''
'' then the Kill Squad takes control of one of their strongpoint and puts an end to these Submarines, we'll show them 'airboys' what a few ground guys can do!''

---A Warm Welcome---
Special Rules: Reinforcement Area, Tunnels, Soft Winds
Setting Up Terrain: The Creak has hills on one long table edge side and sea on the other. You can use small LOS blocking terrain but no large pieces. The Defender places three Quonset Huts with Tunnels markers inside, the Quonset Huts cannot be placed within 16'' of a table edge.
Deployment: The Defender deploys all his forces within 12'' on the long table edge with the sea. He can chose to keep some infantry in reserve for the tunnels. He then choses to place three Objectives touching each other along his table edge.
The Attacker deploys his force within 12'' of his table edge. He then deploys a Tesla Strongpoint facing toward the sea.
Winning the Game: The Attacker can have the Strongpoint fire at the markers, if he scores a hit, remove one marker. If the Attacker removes two markers, he destroyed the Submarine and wins.
The Defender wins if by the end of turn 5 the Submarine has not be destroyed or if all of the Attacker's forces are eliminated.
---Hijacked Tesla Strongpoint: Ignores blocked LOS from terrain, does not ignore Smoke or Vehicles blocking LOS but ignores wreck. A Player can have a unit take control of the Strongpoint if all its crew has been killed by having the unit spend a movement action to get inside. The Strongpoint can only fire once per turn.
Yes, a Defender's unit can get inside the Strongpoint...but if this happens something went terribly wrong.

10.Porto Azzurro
''The 'Blue Harbor' name of this little port could'nt be more ironic now that its in the Reds' hands. The SSU use it as a way to bring communist partisans from Italy on the Island. An efficient way to replace lost manpower far from Russia and amazing propaganda tool as the veterans from Elba will be able to tell the horrors commited by the other Blocs when returning back to their country.
As if this wasnt enough, each time one of the other Bloc launches an attack on Porto Azzurro the SSU Propaganda Bureau films a Kv-47 killing enemy troops to make propaganda movies.''

---War Movies---
Special Rules: Reinforcement Area
Setting Up Terrain: Porto Azzurro is a small coast-side urban area. Crates, barracks and woods as well as some small houses can represent that adequatly. Deploy a Kv-47 ''Natasha'' in the center of the map.
Deployment: The Defender choses a long table edge then deploys all his troops within 24'' of it. The Attacker uses the 'Meeting Engagement' rules.
Winning the Game: The Attacker wins if a turn ends and the Defender has no infantry on the table. The Defender wins if he can kill 3 units or vehicles with the Kv-47.
---Propaganda KV: An infantry unit ending a movement with at least one model in base to base with the Kv-47 can chose to pilot it. Remove the squad (their sacrifice will not be forgotten!) and immeditalely activate the Kv-47. It has the same stats as a regular KV except that it can attack vehicles 5/6/7 with 1/1 on its weapon. If the Kv would be destroyed, leave it on the table, it cannot be played until another unit choses to pilot it.
Yes, an Attacker's unit can chose to pilot the KV...Although all footage of it will be censored.

Scenario Rules:

-Reinforcements Area: Each location with this rule begins the campaign under control of a specific faction (specified in parenthesis), they are also associated with one of two divisions for each faction (mechanized or infantry) specified in italic.
If a Reinforcements Area is lost to an enemy faction, the associated division gets the rule ''Delayed Reserves'' until they can take back their associated Reinforcements Area.

-Pure Hatred: Units (Infantry, vehicles or Aircraft) other than Aces dying at this location cannot be used by that player next game.

-Soft Winds: Smoke is removed at the end of each turn.

-Tunnels: The Defender can have Infantry 1 or 2 in reserves enter from a Tunnel Marker anytime starting on turn 2. the unit is place in unit coherency around the Tunnel Marker and rolls two dice to see how many actions it gets, getting an action on a score of Faction Symbol. Units entering from reserves via a Tunnel Marker do not need to make a reserve roll.

-Vantage Point: A piece of terrain with the 'Vantage Point' special rule allows any artillery piece firing while being on that terrain piece to re-roll of its misses. Any artillery firing under control of an artillery observer that is located on that piece of terrain also benefits from the bonus.

Step 6: Playing the Elba Campaign:

"It was a rainy night and I was on guard duty. I  could hear the mortar shells falling a couple
of kilometers away. The truck came from the opposite side and unloaded soldiers. Black armor.  Blutkreuz. Didnt like these guys too much and I guess you'd feel the same if you had seen one of your dead friends' body get injected some stuff from one of their 'medics' to reanimate as an undead monstrosity. I do owe them my life because that laser technology they have, came in handy when that soviet KV jumped into my trench."

Now that you've seen most of the content for the Elba Campaign, you can try to organize and run that campaign at your friendly local gaming store, club or circle of friends.
Here are a couple of things you should do to organize and run an Elba Campaign:
1-Determine how many players will be commited. We recommend a minimum of 6 players but you could still play if you get one player for each Bloc and each player plays two games.
2-Have players choose which faction and divisions they want to play. It needs to be clear so you can balance each faction.
3-Vote a day that would be good for all players involved...Sometimes its impossible so a player might have to drop before the Campaign even started and while it is a sad thing, life doesn't end there and there will be time for other events and campaigns later on.
An alternative can be that players can play Campaign games any day of the week.
4-Choose a fixed end for the Campaign. I would suggest 6 weeks (I don't know why but it sounds good) to end the Campaign.
5-Play the Campaign: Play games (using the Aces and Bonuses by Army rules) until the fixed end is reached, at the end of the Campaign, check which locations are controlled by which faction, each faction scores points for locations they control. The faction with the most points wins the Campaign!

Attacking and Defending Locations:
Each player can launch one attack from a controlled territory into a Neutral or Enemy territory and can defend any number of times.
Attacks can be launched from territory being attacked and this can result in territory being isolated. I recommend giving the ''Delayed Reserves'' rule to Defenders of a territory cut off from friendly territory as supplies and troops have harder time to reach the assaulted position.
If an attacker wins, his faction gains control of the territory, they can then launch attacks from it.

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