Thursday, 4 December 2014

DUST: Elba Campaign (BETA)

''The Navy Seals had failed thus proving that Elba was definitely more than a green dot on our maps to our enemies too.
With the ''Frontenac'' and ''Champlain'', the two new Allied aircraft carriers fresh from Montreal's drydocks on their way to the Italian Coast, it was made clear to all Allied commanders that Eisenhower had agreed with Lieutnant General Francois ''Frank'' G. and Admiral Jean-Sebastien C. 's plan of invading Corsica and Elba as the first steps to somehow cut or divert Axis reinforcements from their ongoing operations in the Middle-East and give some reprieve from the besieged Marine divisions.

While Corsica's landings went smoothly with minimal life losses, Elba was another problem altogether with the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and even what seemed to be (but is still unconfirmed) SSU submarines waging a relentless war to the Allied Navy around the island. Still, for all their enemies' strenght, the new Allied aircraft carriers and anti-submarine tactics developped by Pelican pilots allowed the Canadians to continue with the operations and begin the landings.
Thus started one of the fastest and bloodiest campaign the world had seen: Elba's Campaign.''

Welcome to Campaign Elba, the desperate defense from German Blutkreuz divisions as well as various Wehrmacht's Zverograd veterans to protect the Axis Island's secrets and scientists from an Allied invasion as well as Smersh and Soviet Navy.