Thursday, 27 November 2014

Wilkommen auf dem Mond

As you step out of the shuttle that brought you into the Moon's industrial area, you cannot miss it, the Haas-Bioroid corporation's factory: The Foundry.

It is here that new technologies are being developped and it will be here that you will steal their secrets. Corporate espionage at its best!

First, a little run on their HQ servers to see what's coming up...What is this? Did this firewall just modifiy itself to have more subroutine?
And it seemed the HQ server was not that active before you started the run on it. Okay, you've avoided this 'Grail' ice from trashing your rig, back on track to hack into the server and...What? Another Ice? Oh, you recognized the ''NEXT'' technology of this one, you've met it before on earth but this time it seems much more stronger and... it forces you to end your run.
With that Encryption Protocol enforced everywhere in area you doubt you'll be able to do anything against The Foundry now that the servers are on high alert.
Time to buy a ticket for the next shuttle to earth, if you 're lucky you won't get arrested by a NAPD contract on your way back home.


Hello Runners, today I give the list to my Foundry deck for Haas-Bioroid, while it has not won any major event, it is very fun to play and is usually decent enough to give a rusty player a chance against a more active opponent.
At least it did when I used it two months ago, now, it might be totally outdated but at least the ideas and concept are here:

---Identity: HB, The Foundry 'Refining The Process'

I love this card! Was in love since the first time it got spoiled and here's why:
-It helps you protect your servers as the runner forces you to rez ice.
-It increases the chances of protecting agendas in HQ if you rez ice during a HQ run and search for ice to put in HQ.
-It has an obvious synergy with 'Grail' ices which where, back then, brand new.
-It makes 'NEXT' ice spam almost playable.
-It has a less obvious synergy with 'Accelerated Beta Test' and 'Priority Requisition' as, yes, they triggers The Foundry during your turn. 

The downside? It makes R&D thinner as you search for ice but if you protect it properly its not that big of an issue.


-1x Eden Fragment
-2x Priority Requisition
-3x NAPD Contract
-3x Accelerated Beta Test

Note on Agendas:
Eden Fragment was new at the time and why not put it as you'll most probably will end up with more than two ice per servers.
Priority Requisition and Accelerated Beta Test both can trigger your identity as well as net you some ice bonus.
NAPD is just too good when you need agenda points in the deck but want an extra layer of security for them at the sacrifice of any other effect.



---Credit Makers:
-2x Targeted Marketing
-3x Pad Campaign
-3x Hedge Fund
-1x Subliminal Messaging
-2x Thomas Haas
-3x Rex Campaign
-3x Green Level Clearance

Note on Credit Makers:
Targeted Marketing, I like this card in the early game, just name 'Sure Gamble' or any 'must have' that most Runner decks play and it will force them to keep them in their hand or give you 10credits for the low price of...0. Now I normally don't like cards that depend on your opponent's decks/actions but this one can actively influence their plays and give you a good amount of resources for cheap.
It has the bonus of being a 'Current' so you can remove the Runner's currents with it.
The rest of the Credit Makers is the same as usual.



-3x Hourglass
-3x Enigma
-3x Lancelot
-3x Galahad
-3x NEXT Bronze
-3x NEXT Silver

Note on Ice:
At the time I built the deck, there was only 2 types of grail and 2 types of NEXT...Of course, the more Grail and Next you have, the better they (should) become and the better the defence.
I recall there was a small problem with my Ice at the time, I think Hourglass needed to be changed to something more efficient.


---Other Cards:
-3x Enhanced Login Protocol
-2x Heinlein Grid

Note on Other Cards:
While Enhanced Login Protocol is absolutely amazing and has some synergy with Heinlein Grid, the later is a little more tricky to use and could be replaced (I don't recall if I had been satisfied with this card) although I think it could be a nasty surprise to your opponent.

EDIT: CHANGES TO THE DECK (Changes as of 27-11-14)
-3x Hourglass
+3x Merlin
-2x Heinlein Grid
+2 Executive Boot Camp

Shell Corporation to be tried instead of Pad Campaign.


There you have it! An outdated deck about a Factory on the Moon whose purpose is to build new generations of Androids.
Hope you have fun and, as always, comments and critics are welcomed!

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