Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Unboxing: Arena Rex

Fresh from Red Republic Games, I've received my (modest) pledge reward. Sadly, I won't be able to show the Titan i had selected, Leo, as he was missing in the box, but they already sent me my missing model and thus it should be here in about 2 weeks. I honestly wish I had pledge for twice as much minis though, as it is I will only be able to do 3vs3 on my minis alone.

When the campaign started, I was already biased as I had received a promotional Aquila during a contest and was very much impressed. I'll go over the rules after, but for now, let's see what was in my box.

I removed the foam beans to unveil the content. I guess they had only this box size as it was way larger than the content. Let's go over the content.
So we have a pack of cards, a rulebook, a bag of minis, bases, tokens and 10 Favor Dices with laurels for the 6. I won't go in more details over the bases and dices.
Here are the art cards for each model included as well as a quick guide on working with resin, that's a nice touch. Many people are not used to work with that material. Not that I'd really suggest a neophyte to start with thisgame's models because of the number of parts. The art cards are in a good cardboard and the pictures are very nice. Reminds me a lot of Kingdom Death, which is a very positive thing.

And here are the unit cards. Once again, very nice material, solid and glossy. They are easy to read as well.
The rulebook is small and concise. A bit of fluff and the rules, with a few scenarios at the end. The rules themselves are simple and brutal (but not simplistic) and the scenarios are more diverse than I expected, this being a gladiatorial game, after all.

So that's about it. What? oh yeah! the minis! Now I will do a part 2 for the assembled miniatures once I do receive Leo, but until then, I'll show you the minis on their sprues.
Ur-Kek, a big brutal egyptian.
 Ban-Luca, a friend for my Aquila.
 Zahra, she do love scorpions.
Lupa, the kickstarter exclusive fighter.
Tiet-Khebi, an egyptian priestess.

I hope you liked this small unboxing, and I shall be back in a few weeks for more Arena Rex.


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  2. Chouette, j'avais été pas mal tenté moi aussi. Ils vont sûrement éventuellement vendre "hors-kickstarter" et j'aurai pu essayer au préalable!

    1. Effectivement, le Online Store devrait ouvrir dès que tout aura été livré. Heureusement, car je regrette de ne pas avoir pris 2x plus de figs.