Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cellphone Pictures

Hello readers! Been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog...It is in huge part due to an unfortunate accident in which my battery charger for my camera was lost...And now I can't post picture until I get a new one. Combine that to huge expenses happening in my personal life and I'm sad to say I'll be posting 'cellphone pictures' (ah the infamy!) until the end of Spring 2015.

And so it begins...

The absence of pictures does not mean nothing is happening gaming-wise, on the contrary! I've been painting like never before (almost) my Trollbloods, gaming with them more actively despite a schedule that makes it extremely hard to catch games and not come back home past midnight, enjoying Dust Battlefields reasonably despite delaying my campaign for it and being extremely disappointed in the way Battlefront has handled the kickstarter so far and playing some High Command and Netrunner...
Heck, I'll even play in a Malifaux tournament soon!

Ah the Pygmies, they didn't take long to paint and are a ton of fun to play.

What brings warmth to my pictureless-blog-heart is the fact that I see more and more collaborators working on posts and articles about different games for Wargaming Ninja Turtles and thanks to them you'll get more reviews, first-hand experiences and opinions about more subjects and games that might interest you, and, as my boss says: Knowledge is half the battle. (The other half being winning at said games you discovered on this blog!)

That Karl Marx was destroyed by one shot of my opponent's KoenigsLuther, allowing his fast light mechanized force to zoom toward the flag, what he doesn't know is the fact that a Natalya is waiting in ambush behind the Karl Marx's wreck.

Pics or no pics, don't forget: the essential is to have fun and game with your friends!
Have an excellent thanksgiving or whatever excuse you can find to spend some time (to game) with your friends and family.

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