Tuesday, 14 October 2014

High Command: Discarding Trollbloods

Having recently received my Castle of the Keys, I used a little free time, never enough of that, to sort my High Command collection into the binders...and of course, as soon as I was done I wanted to try and build a new Trollblood deck...

A couple of cards intrigued me from Castle of the Keys, for Trollbloods these were, well, all of them.
In the end, during deckbuilding, I decided to go with a well known Trollblood theme: discarding, making me focus on the Troll light warbeasts.

Sadly for me, Privateer Press High Command designers did their job right to
make sure the Troll Impaler couldn't be too broken = Grissel and Madrak both don't increase the discarding effect of them, the same way they can't abuse 'Primal'...This will force me to look a little more into Circle of Orboros for a 'Primal Abuse' deck later.

Troll Momentum Deck:

-Grim Angus (Green)
-Calandra (Purple)
-Captain Gunnbjorn (Blue)

Detachment (Green)
-1x For Kith and Kriel
-1x Bonds of Blood
-1x Shamanic Ritual
-1x Assemble the Chieftains
-1x War Wagon
-2x Winter Troll
-3x Troll Impaler
-1xRok the Frostborn
-1x Earthborn Dire Troll

Detachment (Purple)
-2x Desperate Times
-1x Assemble the Chieftains
-3x Runeshaper Sorcerers
-1x Runebearer Elders
-1x Storm Troll
-2x Slag Troll
-2x Earthborn Dire Troll

Detachment (Blue)
-1x For Kith and Kriel
-1x Bonds of Blood
-2x Shamanic Ritual
-1x Assemble the Chieftains
-3x Warders of the Kriel
-2x Winter Troll
-2x Slag Troll

Card Discussions:
The deck focuses on a couple of  usual mechanics:

Discard, here brought by: Winter Troll, Troll Impaler, Slag Troll, War Wagon, Runeshapers Sorcerers and Grim Angus.
Banking and drawing to try and take advantage of the discard to increase the 'momentum' brought by: Desperate Times, Runebearer Elders, Warders of the Kriel and Calendra.
Survivability, to simply increase as much as possible the use of the discard effects from Slag Trolls and co, brought here by the Earthborn Dire Troll and Gunnbjorn.

That's it, now I have to find opponents to try and playtest that deck!
In the meantime I'll look into building that 'Primal Abuse' Circle deck, that is, of course, if Circle movement effects can be done between two attacks (I don't remember).

Thanks for reading.
(All pictures property of Privateer Press)

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