Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rivet Wars: Or How a Kickstarter Can Be a Second Christmas

Early this year, in May to be more precise, I had made a little battle report and review of a Kickstarter game that I had backed: Rivet Wars.

I had rated the game 8/10 (for what my judgement is worth :P) as it had been a very enjoyable experience and I did not regret whatsoever the money I had spent in this kickstarter.
You can click here: to read this review and battle report

Now couple of months later, I got a text from my friend Paul telling me he had received more Rivets for me.
I knew some Rivet stuff was on its way but I clearly DID NOT expect how much was on its way...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

High Command: Discarding Trollbloods

Having recently received my Castle of the Keys, I used a little free time, never enough of that, to sort my High Command collection into the binders...and of course, as soon as I was done I wanted to try and build a new Trollblood deck...

A couple of cards intrigued me from Castle of the Keys, for Trollbloods these were, well, all of them.
In the end, during deckbuilding, I decided to go with a well known Trollblood theme: discarding, making me focus on the Troll light warbeasts.

Sadly for me, Privateer Press High Command designers did their job right to

Monday, 13 October 2014

GV Brasstards : an epic Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament Saga

The Chaosludik Warmachine Team Mega battle report!!

Yesterday was a big day for the Montreal 's wargaming community as it was the beginning of Chaosludik: a two days gaming convention with tournaments for Warmachine/Hordes, 40k and warhammer fantasy.

Earlier this year,  a friend of mine and blogger on this blog DanM had expressed his wishes to mount a team for the Team Warmachine event happening on Saturday.  Being a great fan of team events, I volunteered to be part of it and so did my boss DanT (yeah "Daniel" is a popular first name around here).

DanT's colossal, quickly airbrushed till 1:37am the night before the tournament.