Wednesday, 13 August 2014

High Command (+My LoE ''Bloodgift Deck'')

About a year ago, Privateer Press released its Hordes/Warmachine-based LCG into the world: High Command.

I went on vacations when the game was released in store so I missed all the demo games that happened when my boss bought a copy and tried it with other employees and customers. What I did not miss, upon my return, was all the negativity and bad comments about the game and how unplayable/blend it was.
I was a little sad as the concept of the game (building an army and attacking locations) was something I had been looking forward too in LCGs since the Eve Online TCG.

I got an opportunity to try the game, we tried it and we did not even get the time to finish it but from that ONE game I got to conclusion:
-The game was uninteresting (slow, not enough action/fighting).
-PIP had done ''bad cards'' in the core starter just for these cards to be replaced later.
-I had Netrunner in my life.


As we say in french ''Il n'y a que les fous qui ne changent pas d'avis'' (''A wise man changes its mind sometimes, a fool never'') so after having been brainwashed...errr listening to the various Podcasts on Handcannononline and getting some money almost out of nowhere (its cool when it happens!) I decided to check back more into High Command.
Why did I do so after such a negative first play?
-The people on forums and podcasts that still play the game all agree to the fact that playing only the Core Set makes for a mediocre game experience. That 's what we did and that 's what we go.
-They say that after owning 3 expansions, the 'deckbuilding part' is truly a thing and the game truly becomes fun and interesting.
-It is Hordes/Warmachine-themed and I love that universe.
-Most important of all: it can be played multiplayer.

Now you can argue that Magic can be played Multiplayer...or that a boardgame is the top multiplayer option, well I chose to go with High Command because I don't play Magic anymore (its not expensive if you do your trades properly...but then it's time consuming and my time is too precious), High Command has the bonus of being a LCG so there is no cards I need to chase after and it is usually supposed to be balanced between factions. As for High Command vs any boardgame: High Command has the Warmachine-Hordes fiction and artworks behind it and two out of my three friends have played Warmachine so they'll be able to enjoy that.

I bought High Command Hordes (I play Trolls, my friends play LoE and Skorne) and all its expansions except Castle of the Keys (so: Elemental Rage+Immortal Tales+Savage Guardians+Gargantuan Might), asked my little brother to watch The video on this page so he would understand the basics of the game and we gain time. I also gave him This Link as I found the explanation of the theme for each colors (yellow, orange, green, red, blue and purple) was quite interesting.

Then we opened the expansions and Core Set and played a game. The game lasted max an hour and most of the time was my little brother trying to figure out what he could do. In the end I won 17 influence against 16 in a Troll vs Legion match.

Here's my LoE deck built around the ''Blightgift'' mechanic to try and have a fluid economy:

Thagrosh, the Messiah (BLUE)
-Blighted Mutation x2
-Dragonspawned x1
-The Blackfrost Shard x2
-Throne of Everblight x 1
-Nephilim Soldier x2
-Nephilim Protector x1
-Proteus x2
-Archangel x1

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight (ORANGE)
-Blighted Mutation x2
-Coalescing Dragonblight x1
-Detonating Spell Martyrs x1
-Throne of Everblight x2
-Nephilim Soldier x2
-Nephilim Protector x2
-Proteus x2

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight (PURPLE)
-Coalescing Mutation x2
-Guidance of Everblight x1
-Detonating Spell Martyrs x2
-The Blackfrost Shard x2
-Throne of Everblight x2
-Shredder x1
-Stinger x2

The deck played nicely because it had a good economy and some cool tricks (Tagrosh can drop an Archangel from your hand kinda like pThagrosh in Hordes can bring a dead one back, its also a cool caster with the Detonating Spell Martyrs, etc...)
He rocks! 
Not too sure about the Shredder+Stinger and my other two casters but overall a fun deck.
Let me know what you think of it if you play HC.

I'll say that if you are looking for the best 1v1 card game, right now, go with Netrunner...but if you like the fluff of Warmachine or want a multi-player option, grab High Command and its expansions and have some fun!

Thanks for reading and even more thanks if you leave a comment!

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