Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DUST: Captured Kv-47 ''Natasha''

In my last post, the tutorial for a Captured Kv-47 ''Otto'' I decided to eschew talking fluff as much as I could so I could focus on the tutorial.

Now that the tutorial is done, I can show in this post my Captured Kv-47 ''Natasha''.

As I said in my Otto post, Battlefront posted the rules for Captured Vehicles on (here, click clik! ) and in it, a list of various vehicles you could capture.

With my Otto built, I thought it would be fun to give it a sister in the form of a Captured Natasha.
Normaly you can use only one captured enemy vehicle in your lists but the Otto counting as an Axis vehicle would allow me to use two KV-47 in my lists.

I'm still uncertain which fluff I'll give to the platoon using two Captured KVs, I was thinking maybe doing a suportless Recon Platoon operating on the Eastern Front (on their way from Russia's Zverograd to Iraq's Babylon).

Their skills at reconnaissance could have paid off by allowing them to attack a KV depot and managing to capture two working KVs which they would then use against their previous owners as well as USMC.

Here are more pictures of the Captured Natasha:

As for Otto, the Natasha's Pilot is from an Axis Bunker Weapon Crew.

I replaced the oil drums with jerrycans and ammo crates.

I tried a list using mostly light units and as many ''scout'' units as I had in my collection:

It looked roughly like that:
-Captured Natasha x 1
-Otto x 1
-AB-47 x 1
-Hermann x 1
-Heinrich x 1
-Recon Grenadiers x 1
-Sturmpionere x 1
-Assault Grenadiers x2
-Old Man x 1
Total = 94pts with 6 points wasted.

For a 100pts battlefield game. It performed 'okay', its bane was my opponent's Punisher which I couldn't do a thing to, especially since my Anti-Tank in this list was to be performed by troopers and light vehicles...which the Punisher can eat for Breakfast. (the Punisher is easily throwing 22+ dice at an infantry squad, cover or not, that squad is probably dead. I recommend engaging the punisher from afar).

To note: the Otto + Natasha Duo was quite cool as I could blow up a transport vehicle with the Otto and then follow up by bombarding the surviving passengers with the Grenade Howitzers of the Natasha.

My Recon Platoon will definitely be better when the kickstarter gets released as it'll benefit from:

-cheap tank-hunter infantry (African Lions) at 5pts each
-cheaper command squad (NDAK Command) to save on points.
-cheap artillery (mortars) at 5pts each so I can lay down smoke to block line of sight and give cover to advancing units.

Thanks for reading!

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