Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rivet Wars: Chaaaarge! (Battle Report + Quick Review)

Thanks to my friend Paul, I got my hands on Rivet Wars, a Kickstarter by CoolMiniOrNot for a cute chibi-style game with a 'World War 1' feel.

With unforeseen events (mainly Paul getting Muriel, a super-cute baby...and we all know the equation: '' cute baby > cute chibi'' ;) ) I only got my hands a month or so after most backers received their copy...and even then, I couldn't find the time and will to try the game until tonight.

My Friend Doug, who also backed the game, tried it with his kids and told me how much he enjoyed it.
So we planned together a Wednesday evening to try it out and played Rivet Wars.

1st Game, Intro Scenario:
We played with no Rivet Points, no Action Cards and no Special Mission Cards.
Basically its only good to teach you to put your infantry in 'duckboards/trenches' and how your basic units work.

I Chose Blightuns because they have Monowheel Cavalry...I just love these models!!!

So I learned the hard way and Doug proceeded to kick my a$$ :).
It was over in maximum 30minutes, very very quick.

Game 2: Knockout Punch (or something like that, it is the last scenario in the booklet):

This time we played with Action and Special Mission Cards and Boy did it make a difference!
We also decided to spice it up and play with both our kits together so as to have more of some units and a much larger board.

I went early with my Infantry so as to capture as many points as possible to get an edge into the game.
Every round, there would be new effect depending on the cumulative amount of points both players had scored.

 As you can see, the Blight was particularly keen on sending Monowheel bikes out...Not only are they ultra fast, they are impervious to the Allied Infantry and thanks to Rapid Assault (2) they get to engage and intercept much faster than...any unit I've seen so far.
What I do like though: even though the bike is only 'good' against mass of enemies and super-quick, they can't capture so you still need your poor blight trooper to do the dirty job of capturing trenches.

Here my Monowheels engage the infantry in ride-by attacks.

Seeing me spend my Rivet point on a sniper hero, Doug calls the cavalry and bring my only painted Rivet War mini on the field.

Ah, Trench war and all its uglyness (and fun as a game!) poisonous gas will take the life away from this poor blight trooper. The sad thing is that, overconfident, I sent another trooper into the poisonous gas thinking he'd make it alive. Nope!

This was a super fun moment and important point in the game: I used my ''Tunnel Rat'' Action Card to deploy an infantry trooper as close as possible to my opponent's side as I could, then deviation happened making me finish even closer.
I then moved him into the little base, scoring my Secret Mission Card: ''Leeeeeroy Jenkins'' to score a game-changing 2 points advantage.
As if to add insult to injury, this little Rivet Trooper is on a Duckboard tile, forcing Doug's infantry reinforcements to go in the open and be slower for a round if they don't want to lose control of this side.
Way to go Mr.Leeroy!

Trying to re-establish control of the center of the map, I send another wave of Monowheels, this one managed to kill an Allied trooper and wound the cavalry hero.
Meanwhile my Panzerfaust trooper aims and takes out the running Allied trooper in the trench.

And because I was meant to punish Doug from last game, my Panzerfaust trooper pictured in the right corner of the previous picture, reloaded and then shot his anti-vehicle at the hero and...blew him up!

Not done yet with screwing Doug's plans, the little hero jumped on the Strategic Objective and annihilated all of my opponent's hopes for another turn when he revealed his Secret Mission: ''Victory is Ours!''
Aptly named as I did indeed win on the spot!

Quick Review of Rivet Wars:

The Bad:
-Some minis need a little hot water  to straighten the weapon (the Blight MG-Tank), only had one in my box but nonetheless it is annoying.
-Not enough ''Action Cards'' and ''Secret Missions'' for our taste, we almost went through the entire deck in the length of our second game...but fear not, I'm sure we'll see much more of these with the expansions coming in our kickstarters....If all else fail, they can very easily be home-made..

The Good:
-Family (kid?) friendly
-The style and artwork of the game
-Super cute miniatures!
-Overall good quality for the materials compared to some kickstarter projects I've seen.
-Super fun ''Action Cards'' and ''Secret Missions'', they really added a lot and made for great laughs!
-Plays super quickly (two games in roughly an hour and 15mins if not less) even at large scale!
-Fast Paced Gameplay (you never wait more than 2mins)
-Extremely easy rules!
-A very well made website with what looks like nice support from the creator and fans (free scenarios, scenario generator) = all this contributes to interest and replayability.
(Webiste: )

I would give Rivet Wars a 8/10 ''Very Satisfying Experience''.
A good purchase and I could definitely see myself try a small campaign with Doug with custom-made scenarios and Action Cards.
I would recommend it to: Dads, Gamers who like fast paced fun and easy game, Gamers who like to create and adapt (ie: scenario generator), painters for the style of the miniatures.

Thanks for reading...and don't forget: put your gas masks ''on'' if you see your fellow Rivet 'sleeping' during an assault! ;)

Update: check out the cool diorama my friend Antoine made with some Rivet War minis! (click click!)

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