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Elba's Invasion

GeneralMajor Sigrid,

As you are now well aware, the Allies and the Sino-Soviets have launched attacks on Elba.
Wehrmacht Major Wilhelm H.,Wehrmacht Major Klaus M. Bz-Sturmbannführer Wilhelm J., Bz-Sturmbannführer Wilhelm S., almost all are veterans from Zverograd that had been stationed on Elba as per OKH and OKW orders.

As per your request a quick review of these Majors and BZ-Sturmbannführers:
-Wilhelm H. - One of our most ancient commanders on the field. He makes great use of the equipment to his disposition and most notably Wotans. As a Wehrmacht Major, he rarely use our Unter and Ubertotens.

-Klaus M. - Promoted recently, his forces are prepared for the upcoming operations in North Africa. Like most Wehrmacht commanders, he heavily dislike the use of VK-Serum troops and SturmAffe. On the other hand, he does appreciate the laser equipment we provided him with.
Recent notes from our observers seem to indicate he was impressed by the results on Elba from our Ubertoten Assault Squads. 

-Wilhelm J. - Was not involved in the Zverograd Campaign but has been very active after. This Blutkreuz-Sturmbannführer has been know to field a lot of battle Apes and troop transports for an extremely mobile force.

-Wilhelm S. - Used to be a Wehrmacht Major but his platoon suffered such terrible losses at Zverograd he volunteered for wiederbelebungserum injection. Contrary to our expectations he survived and retained his consciousness. We refused him access to a Suicide Squad and convinced him to take command of Blutkreuz  Platoons as well as incorporate his 203. Panzerabteilung. While he has access to every weapon in the Axis arsenal, he prefers the use of Ubertoten and is known to field Flamm-Luthers to form extremely aggressive tactics. Losses of men under his command are frequent but we are convinced his fanaticism to the Transnationalist cause is an asset in the war we are waging.

THE SITUATION ON ELBA (prior to Attacks):

The Allies have launched a major assault on Elba at noon on May 10th 1947.
Wehrmacht Major Wilhelm H and BZ-Sturmbannführer Wilhelm J reacted quickly by sending their troops to stop and repel the beachhead before the enemy could establish itself inland.


Wehrmacht Major Wilhelm H's troops arriving on the right side of the small village.

Blutkreuz-Sturmbannfuhrer Wilhelm J's troops/apes coming from the left side.

Axis forces being further inland to protect themselves from the preliminary bombardment, the Allies had enough time to deploy and neutralize our coastal defenses. 
The main defense line established.

Blutkreuz Battle Apes disembarking and ready to assault.

Wehrmacht troopers in formation to quickly position themselves in whatever ruined buildings are remaining.

In the meantime, Allied advance forces have already reached the small airfield, using the cover of Quonset huts and defenders' trenches to try and establish their frontline.

As the Allied commander soon discovered: the Airfield, with its wide open areas, is quite the dangerous place.

A new prototype of Blutkreuz laser-snipers are deployed under the command of Sturmbannfuhrer Wilhelm J.

Trying to protect the most advanced rally point, the battle apes jump on Grim Reapers.

An Allied super-heavy walker walks its way on Elba, here a Punisher trying to turn the tide in the Allied Armoured Column's favor.

Under direct command from some Pzabt 203's veterans, Heavy Flak and Heavy Recon Grenadiers are deployed.

A Blitz joining the fight to try and provide some air cover to the Wotan and ground troops.

An unsuspecting Wildfire Allied Light Walker, reports from Sturmbannfuhrer Wilhelm J. indicate he didn't survive his encounter with Markus and the SturmAffe

The Blitz, while avoiding enemy anti-aircraft fire, is starting its hunt for juicy ground targets,

Desperate Allied soldiers have reached the trenches and are on the edge of the village but they still have to deal with an Axis Super-Heavy walker if they want to be able to control the village.

Vicious fighting happens as battle apes engage soldiers that had found the cover of a building.

One of our last pictures taken showing the enemy well known under the name of Joe Brown aka ''Bazooka Joe'' trying to take control of the central rally point.

Despite the courage to oppose our troops depicted in this last picture,  the Allies were successfully repelled to the sea by our troops.
While our fleet of submarines are too busy near Britain and preparing for our operations in North Africa, we were able to secure some help from the Luftwaffe for future protection as it is unlikely the Allies will let go that easily despite their losses.


The beach was still littered with wounded when the SSU attack struck.
Most of Major Wilhelm's H.Wehrmacht troops had been removed from the front to get some much needed rest and while we had more Apes from BZ-Sturmbannführer Wilhelm J's Armygroup, the strength of the SSU attack forced us to call upon our reserves and commit BZ-Sturmbannführer Wilhelm S' and Wehrmacht Major Klaus' forces to the fray.

Forces from Klaus that were preparing for the NDAK had been temporarily assigned to Elba.

Some SSU troops were already inside buildings when our forces made a counter-attack

Contrary to Allies, it seems SSU had landed somewhere else on the Island using submarines to escape notice. This allowed them to take position in some of our former defenses.

Political platoons were also dispatched, I am unsure if the SSU is unaware we (the Blutkreuz) have evacuated civilians from the Island or if it is simply to bolster the morale of their men.

Forces from the 203 and Ubertotens under BZ-Sturmbannfuhrer Wilhelm S assault the airfield.

Always a favorite of BZ-Sturmbannfuhrer Wilhelm S is the Flamm-Luther.

While the Heinrich from the 144th gave air cover to the Ubertotens on this side of the battle, the Apes from Wilhelm J tried to go by the beach to assault Chinese Volunteers entrenched in a Bunker.

With whistles and loudspeakers, the assault order is given and the counter-attack begins.

''Soon, the Airfield will be back under BZ Control''

Using a small trek on the side of the hill, Grenadiers from the 203 attempt a flanking action to get behind SSU lines.

Unhindered, the SturmAffen and Markus are soon in position ton unleash a volley of Flammenfaust.

Having suffered serious damage from SSU heavy anti-air fire, the Horten moves back to the Airfield and hovers just long enough for mechanics from multiple platoons to attempt as much battlefield repair as they can.

In the Meantime, fighting on the airfield as become truly vicious as SturmPioneers engage Chinese Volunteers escaping from the Bunker.

Helped by covering fire from the Ubertoten Suicide Squad, the Flamm-Luther engage the fleeing Red Guards.

Although it had seemed as if the Russians were in full retreat at the airfield, a Transport Helicopter from a Political Platoon arrived over the Ubertotens' heads/

Sadly for the Grenadiers sent to flank, they were discovered before they could reach a good firing position and  although they managed to suffer only one loss from the Mao-Zedong, they got cut down from heavy shotgun fire.

Ropes hanging from the helicopter allowed for a rapid deployment of Fakyelis Assault troops who then proceeded to engage our Ubertotens.

Trying to evade a Matrioshka's fire, the Flamm-Luther crashed into the Red Guards.

Steel Guards took full control of the Factory despite Axis attempt to dislodge them.

Having miraculously been able to wreck the Flamm-Luther with PTRS, the Red guards wiped the SturmAffe squad with grenade launchers and their rifles.

Eager to unleash vengeance, an Ubertoten Assault Squad jumped from their safe cover to engage the Red Guard Remnants.

Heavy SSU Walkers move in the middle of the village, sensing that the Axis won't be able to contest the Factory.

But to the SSU dismay, their operation is not a victory as the Axis is in full control of the Airfield.

Although the Armoured section of the SSU has the town, we got them encircled and reinforcements are on the way, it is a matter of hours before the next counter-attack is launched.

THE SITUATION ON ELBA (post attacks):

GeneralMajor Sigrid, I understand our forces have been preparing in Southern Italy for our upcoming operations in North Africa but the Elba Defense Forces will need a little help from the Kriegsmarine in order to get supplies: The Allies and SSU, while at war with each other, have encircled Elba and as such it is very hard for the defenders to get new ammunitions, replacement walkers (1 Sturmkoenig, 1 Flamm-Luther and 1 Wotan losts during the first engagements), and to evacuate the wounded.
Of course, the Luftwaffe promised to help but with full cooperation of our armed forces, Elba would be secure in no time...and so would its secrets.

Oberfeldwebel  G.L.

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