Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Jarl: Thick Fighting in the Thornwood

Jarl looked through the bushes: the Khadorans mechanics were still shovelling coal in the Warjack's furnaces and he could ear the chief complain they were lacking enough coal to have more than one Spriggan to be ''combat ready''.

The Kommandant, a black-haired woman wearing warcaster armor, nodded and then said with a cold voice that if these warjacks could'nt be battle ready then maybe the Trollblood's beast could help them...As she spoke that last sentence she turned her gaze to Jarl's hiding spot and looked in his direction as if she had pierced his camouflage.
Could she sense him?

He'd ask her the question later, Jarl stood up and walked slowly toward them with his arms open to try and convey his pacific intentions, he then used all his memory to try and make good khadoran sentences and, looking at the woman, offered to make an alliance against the Cryxians.
As much as he hated the Khadoran invaders, these days they were less numerous than the Cryxians in his beloved Thornwood and at least he got to grow back wounds from their weapons contrary to the necrotite-fueled weaponry used by the Dragon Empire's Helljacks.

Cryxians by Jonathan B. Although only the necrosurgeon appeared in this game, they were too cool for me not to post.

Looking at her battered Destroyer, Kommandant Sorscha saw no other choice but to accept the Troll Bandit's alliance, that decision might have been influenced by the Dire Troll Bomber's heavy footsteps as he started walking behind Jarl.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pacific Grim

Here's a nice pictures of a game I fought versus Guillaume J.'s Cygnar, it has nothing to do with this post but I just recovered pictures from that game and needed something good-looking enough to make you click and read this post.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Collect the personal notes of astronomer-Mathematician Ledore

The news of the dragons attack on the South of the Thundercliff Peaks weighed heavy on the constellation; much respect was afforded to professor Ledore Jiselle for his work with N-body orbital solutions, and many times in his career he was extended invitation to join the convergence. His refusal was unfortunate, but his death at the hands of those that sought to exploit the carnage wrought by the dragon for profit was entirely deplorable. The thought now was that at the very least, some of his work could be preserved; if of course some of his notes could be recovered. 

"You were an obvious choice" voxed one of her body guards for the fourth time at least "Ideally, the notes could be recovered and we could be off in hours; Your skills suit the task"

Truth of course, it still felt like punishment.The mission was glorified courier service, and any number of Optifex from the inner cult could have done the job just as well. Sending one of the few warcasters goaded confrontation almost as much as it protected against it. That much had been proven true in the earlier confrontation against the trolls

"Lets just get it done." replied Arurora, thrumming her displacement field to maximum power and making acceleration towards the mansion. Six angels fell in line behind her,

From God to...Gunmage? Ep.1

This is my version of Jarl's Story during the 1st Season of the Charsaug League.

To read the official league fluff: Charsaug Official Story Week 1
The Charsauf League's official map: Charsaug Season One Map
The Event at Gamers' Vault (It started today and will end at the end of March): Charsaug League at Gamers' Vault...Come on! Register!

For those curious, the title represents my choice to go from playing a wanna-be-god Gator (Bloody Barnabas) to a Trollkin Gunmage (Jarl).
Not only do I love gunmages and think they are one of the Iron Kingdoms' coolest aspect, but it is also the occasion to give my Trollblood some games and change from Gatormen.