Sunday, 19 January 2014

Back to the Breach...

Its funny how sometimes all events seems to line up to make you do a special thing...
Two Fridays ago, I watched Hellboy, the first movie, there seems to be a curse with that movie as I never was able to watch it fully, I always seem to be too late for the beginning or having to go before the end.
Then, the following Saturday, an old friend and customer came back to the game store I work for.
It had been easily a year or two since I last saw him in a gaming store, nevertheless, he was back and he wanted some...


With the second rulebook being released, we've had more and more people getting slowly back into Malifaux.
Personally, I used to love this game, much more than anything on the market at that time.
I thought it was: fun, got interesting models to paint and had so much combo/synergy that games were always interesting and every model was powerful. I described it as ''Playing an army of Warcasters'' to people who played Warmachine.
I spent two years trying to grow the game and community in Montreal, I organized events,gave easily around 30+demos, lent my books (some never came back :P), painted my minis, would not shut up about it and then I burnt out.
After burning out, I felt guilty because the community's players expected the same help from me that I had provided all this time but the truth is I really did not wanted to do anything Malifaux-related, playing games was not fun anymore, my minis were not inspiring me enough to even finish building them...

I just tried to get away from it, from people 's expectations and somehow managed to get totally obsessed about another game I never thought I'd play much, Dust, but that's another boring story for another time.

Back to the Breach.

I couldn't attend Gencon 2013, had a trip with my girlfriend. It was well worth skipping a city I visited twice already (but I still really like you Indianapolis, you hold a special place in my gaming heart!) for London.
Even though I couldn't go, my boss Dan went for the first time and so did my friend Chris, to both I gave a list of things I wanted from Gencon...
An item that wasn't on that list was the new Malifaux Rulebook, my boss thought I might want it so he grabbed me a copy...Which was very cool of him to tell the truth.

In that new rulebook I could see changes but I could also see the stats for the new set of models I acquired.
Now, you must be wondering: ''Why did Guru mention the first 'Hellboy' movie at the beginning of this post? Where does it want to go with that?''

Well, here's a new project on my (almost empty) painting table as the Rulebook wasn't the only thing I got from Gencon:

Obliteration Crew:

I'm going to try and get back into Malifaux and try this V2, my first crew for it will be Tara's as it seemed like an interesting crew to play: Tara's crew is all about putting ''fast'' on enemy models then getting bonuses when attacking said fast models or burying enemy models and stealing their ''1'' actions...or killing them while they are buried.

This time-meddling (giving fast) plus the ''into the void'' (burying models) makes a lot of sens fluff-wise as when Tara gets into Obliteration's prison (Obliteration is one of Malifaux Tyrant entities), times goes much faster in the prison (years for every seconds outside).

Thanks to the community from the Facebook group ''A Wyrd Place'', I found Tara's fluff from the Dead of Winter Campaign:

1- A Wyrd Place
2- The Dead of Winter Campaign's Fluff

Tara, Hellgirl of Obliteration

Tara: with her mutant arm, can be vaguely reminiscent of Hellboy's super hard metal arm-key-something (I did miss the beginning of that movie...three times already!).
I wanted to paint her, or at least her arm, in red to make her the Hellgirl, but after painting my Nothing Beast I decided to go ''classic'' and avoided the red although I did give it a shot and it wasn't looking that good.
(After a google search for Hellgirl, it turns out ''Hellgirl'' shows some nice deviant art pieces, some people are quite talented.)

Karina aka Liz:

Karina: black hair and black dress will be my ''Liz'', tied to the hero as a totem...heck, she even got an arm out with a magic spell to cast, it's up to me to make it look like blue flame or something.
She has a magic action named ''Flames of the Void''...Its just too many coincidences ;).

Void Wretches, Hellhounds of Resurrection:

Void Wretches: These will be Sammael, the Hellhound. Of course they don't look much like Sammael, but with freehands and imagination it should do the trick.

Death Marshalls as BPRD Agents:

As if all the coincidences (Tara's arm, Karina's flames, a big monster with tentacles, etc...) weren't enough, Tara can get an upgrade that allows her to hire Death Marshalls from the Guild. Kinda like the useless BPRD agents that go on missions with Hellboy if you want my opinion.

And finally,

The Nothing Beast as Behemoth, The Final Boss...


The Nothing Beast: this will be Behemoth from the end of the movie.
I wasn't satisfied with the bottom half of the Nothing Beast, not only was it reducing its height as the Nothing Beast was hunched, it was also uninspiring. Worse of all: it wasn't tentacle-like enough so I decided to try and Greenstuff the bottom part...and make my Nothing Beast float.

The Crew So Far:

Keep in mind most of these are all work in progress, I mostly need to finish their bases:

First I painted the Nothing Beast:

Next time I'll add a miniature next to it for scale. My Nothing Beast is truly extremely tall.

Painting with friends allows you to get good suggestions: my friend Francois said I should do some stars on the Nothing Beast, as if its truly the void of Space. Well here 's some stars on the Tentacles.

And more stars on the Nothing Beast.


Stars on Tara's sword, as if it was made of the same lack of matter as the Nothing Beast.

I tried to put some 'Coal Black' (that blue-green-black color from P3) on Tara to tie it more to the Nothing Beast.


Well, That was a hard model to paint...The details are there but not deep enough so it is very easy to cover them all with one paint coat... I hope it's going to be different on the Plastic Death Marshals I'm about to buy...

I added Heavy Gel Gloss to her hand to try and do blue flames.

That's it for now!
I still need to finish their bases (should I put grass and vines or should I leave it entirely in grey to make for a colder feeling to the minis?), buy and paint the Death Marshals, paint the Void Wretches.

You might see a Dust or Rivet Wars post before the next Malifaux as I've got a Dust Tournament coming next Sunday (and might paint a model) and a box of Rivet Wars from the Kickstarter.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. I would love to get back into casual Malifaux with you but 2E completely ruined what I liked about the Dreamer by changing his core mechanics.