Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dust: Bringing the KoenigsLuther to a Tournament

This Sunday we had a tournament, I decided to do it for the Post #34 (Quebec) of Dust Devils International (aka DDI) versus Post #20 (Montréal).

How we did it is we split the players, here ten, in two teams of five. In this tournament, players would win not for them but for the whole team.
End of the tournament, the team with the most wins see all their players get a prize. (Well I messed up registration of players so that didn't happen...At least the important part is that all players got to play games and have fun). We also did teams so people would not face their regular opponents.

How did I do?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Back to the Breach...

Its funny how sometimes all events seems to line up to make you do a special thing...
Two Fridays ago, I watched Hellboy, the first movie, there seems to be a curse with that movie as I never was able to watch it fully, I always seem to be too late for the beginning or having to go before the end.
Then, the following Saturday, an old friend and customer came back to the game store I work for.
It had been easily a year or two since I last saw him in a gaming store, nevertheless, he was back and he wanted some...

Monday, 6 January 2014

DUST: Axis Zombies and Grenadier X (Rated B for ''Bloody'')

Happy new year dear readers!

Its been a long time since I posted any picture of a painted miniature...the reason being that I was dead busy first with school and then with Christmas-new year... I managed to get one day for myself out of the two weeks ''vacations''.