Friday, 29 November 2013

DUST: Nikolaï

I Think Nikolaï is a really nice miniature, not only that, but his power is quite decent and he allows you to field a political platoon.

Here 's my Nikolaï painted for my SSU Shock Guard and Naval Troops for my Elba Campaign. He'll also be submitted to Club Chaos November's 'Colore ton Monde' , reinforcing the Dust presence in this monthly painting challenge.

The Miniature was airbrushed with: (No need to airbrush, but he was basecoated at the same time as 50+ other SSU miniatures)
-VAL 71.051 "Barley Grey'' for the clothes.
-VAL 71.054 ''Dark Blue Grey'' for the armor plates.

-PIP ''Ironhull Grey'' was then used to highlight the armor
-Secret Weapon Washes ''Soft Body Black'' was then used to darken most of the model (especially the clothes)
-VAL 71.051 "Barley Grey'' to highlight the clothes + a mix of PIP ''Morrow White'' for further highlights.

-VAL 26.215 ''Sandy Paste'' for the sand + some plasticard for some metallic structure.
-VAL 71.075 ''Sand (Ivory)'' to paint the sand + VAL 71.073 ''Black Metal'' and VAL 71.072 ''Gungrey'' to paint the metallic structure.
-Rust was made with Secret Weapon Rust Pigments (love these even though using them can be a little messy sometimes).

-First, using a sculpting tool, I took ''Heavy Gel Gloss'' and made my water area.
-Second, a drop of Secret Weapon Washes ''Algae''
-Then PIP "Meredius Blue''
-Then PIP '' Arcane Blue''

I messed the water part a little bit because I was too impatient and decided to glue the grass before everything was dry (I'm on a tight schedule! ;)) and some went in the water.
I had to redo some of it and it didn't look as good as the first time.

That's it for me,

Good painting and have a good day!

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