Friday, 1 November 2013

DUST: Armored Car AB-47

Made in Italy and used by Axis forces worldwide, the AB-47 is a vehicle that has proven its utility time and time again. Its smaller frame and speed makes it perfect for Elba's road.

Used by the 203pzabt as a scout for advancing Panzer Platoons and as anti-partisans rapid response forces in occupied countries, the AB-47 has yet to be obsolete.
Despite its old frame, it got upgraded with a Laser Kanone, making it still a threat to other light vehicles.

Tried to do an Italian Camo (''Gunship Green'' and ''Middlestone'' from Vallejo, the brown should be ''Chocolate Brown'' still from Vallejo but I don't have this color so instead I'm using ''Bootstrap Leather'' from Privateer Press)

Probably will add decals ''203'' on this side to leave it less empty.
I also need to dirty-up the wheels with dust.

I admit, I rushed the post a little, there is stil 2-3 things for me to do on this one in order for it to be complete...But a friend I had not seen in a while invited me for diner so I had to speed up things.
I still wanted to post today so here is the first of my two AB-47. I first saw the model there, but if you look closely you'll find some in a winter camo on Operation Achilles' campaign book.
As far as the kit goes, it is a really nice Italeri model.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great! I'll use mine for Babylon. I'll make an Italian platoon (infantry 1 and light support from the "Ariete" division). We need a card for this beauty.

  2. Hi That is A Super Nice model! Do you have other Dust Tactics Forces Axis Of Italy? I'm trying to make a nice Force of them? Thanks looks