Saturday, 30 November 2013

Android Netrunner: Weyland Consortium ''Dedicated Response Team''

(Warning: Picture Heavy!)
Today I'll talk and show an Android Netrunner LCG deck I made around ''Dedicated Response Team''.
I know how some of you might feel 'Oh! He's going to be That Guy that talks about his card game deck that we couldn't care less for...', well, thankfully this isn't real life and you can just not read this article, I won't know it and won't be offended, or...

Or you could be open-minded and check quickly, Android has some cool art on its cards.

Friday, 29 November 2013

DUST: Nikolaï

I Think Nikolaï is a really nice miniature, not only that, but his power is quite decent and he allows you to field a political platoon.

Here 's my Nikolaï painted for my SSU Shock Guard and Naval Troops for my Elba Campaign. He'll also be submitted to Club Chaos November's 'Colore ton Monde' , reinforcing the Dust presence in this monthly painting challenge.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DUST: Massacre in Zverograd

The IS-48 heavy tank rolled into Zverograd's industrial wasteland, five men riding on top of it, they were equipped with the best the SSU had to offer to infantrymen. Clearly, Red Guards. 

As the tank grinded to a halt, a commissar carrying a PTRS-47 (rocket launcher) approached the men.
''Good day Comrades, ready for another glorious victory to make Comrade Stalin and the people of the Sino-Soviet Union proud?''

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DUST: Panzer Walker Platoon Playtest

The weather is better, marshes are not frozen anymore, grass and plants are awakening...
This is Spring 1947.

Maybe we could even ear birds sing...If there wasn't the screaming of shells falling down.
War as usual.

Friday, 1 November 2013

DUST: Armored Car AB-47

Made in Italy and used by Axis forces worldwide, the AB-47 is a vehicle that has proven its utility time and time again. Its smaller frame and speed makes it perfect for Elba's road.

DUST: KoenigLuther

Although totally unfit for Elba's small roads, the 203Pzabt. could not have their KoenigLuther reassigned, as such High Command allowed the resources for it to be brought on the island.