Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bubble Faith

This is a ''Painting/Show Off'' Post

''He sold his kind to Emperor Barnabas as if they were expandable clones, he used to be a relentless bounty hunter, he probably survived being swallowed when Skorne Lord Rasheth wanted to throw Atlen Ashley and Stryker in the Swamp Horror pit and he got pushed in as the two heroes fled.
They call him Bubble Faith.''

Bounty Hunters talk in a bar

Okay! Enough Star Wars references!! It is time I reveal what 's truly going on here.

Well first thing first, the store for which I'm working is about to announce a BIG Warmachine/Hordes Event...And I can't say more than that, but that's all you need to know for this post.
So with that big event and the release of 'Gargantuans', the latest book from Privateer Press' miniature wargame Hordes, I got distracted from the wait of my Dust Icarus book and decided to pay a little more attention to Warmachine.

While dreaming about Warmachine and why I had not touched the game in a while, I realized that I just disliked the look of the Retribution of Scyrah's Warjacks, Warcasters and just didn't feel like painting some 'army green mercenaries' as I had just stepped out of Dust.
Sadly if I wanted to go back into Steamrollers and play in the next big event (Immoren at War ;)), I needed to use my Retribution.

Next step was going onto my favorite source of information when it comes to warmachine
and reading how to face different enemies of the Retribution.
That is when I stumbled upon ''Another nasty trick is to lay the (swamp) pit and knock our jack into it extinguishing it's furnace." In an article describing the threats Bloody Barnabas could pose to the Retribution.
I must have read this line at least three times: I could'nt believe how could this tactic sounded!
So wait a minute, I do like the look of Gatormen models AND they have some of the coolest trick in the game (1)??

A Story About a Lack of Self-Control

Easily influenced and with no self-control, I went and bought the latest Minions Warlock: Rask.
''Why Rask?'' well because I figured that if he was the latest, then less people would own it and play it.

How wrong could I be? Every person (okay, 4 people) I talked to after I bought Rask told me how they had one/thought about starting an army with him.
Too bad, I had bought him, he would be painted.

I forgot to take finished pictures so he's missing the water effect, flock, highlights and more details, but I'll update this post soon.

wheee! Look at me turning around!!
I had to do a base, I just had to...
For those who own the model or saw it in real life: don't you find that this little Bog like every other little bog trogs?? There 's almost nothing making it stand out! Even worse: he is kinda hunched trying to cast a spell or something puting him at roughly the same height as your average blorg (Joe for Bog Trogs).
As he lives in a swamp, I thought it'd be cool to represent him on some boat's paddlewheel, the main challenge was making it fit onto a small base.
Then, to add character, I bought ''Wyrd Miniatures Sewer Accessories'' to get these sweet tentacles and glued them to the base as if a Swamp Horror or something was being summoned by Rask's magic.

Color Used
Primer: Army Painter 'Angel Green' spray
Skin: (base)GW Warboss Green, (highlights)GW Moot Green, (shading)GW Thraka Green Wash
Fins: (base)PIP Moldy Ochre, (shading) GW Ogryn Flesh Wash, (highlights) Moldy Ochre
Bones: (base)PIP Thrall Flesh, (highlights)PIP Menoth White Base, (scratches)PIP Morrow White
Clothes: (base)PIP Sanguine Base, (highlights)PIP Sanguine Base mixed with PIP Menoth White Base, a little GW Ogryn Flesh Wash over that didn't hurt
Metal: (base)PIP Ironhull Grey, (highlights)GW Codex Grey, (shading)SWM Soft Body Black, (highlights 2)GW Astronomican Grey

Tentacles: PIP Trollblood base for the outside, GW Tentacle Pink for the inside, a heavy wash of SWM Algae on everything.

What 's Next?

Well, the more I painted Rask, the more the idea of a Minions Army of 35 pts to play in Steamrollers (with Barnabas as a second caster) obsessed me.
The fact that I found this cool blog did not help the idea get out of my head.

Here's what 's next!!

Until next where I (hopefully) get to show a painted Wrastler, second addition to my army of Minions for Steamrollers and Immoren At War!

1: I did play Cryx, Skorne, Legion, Trollbloods, Mercenaries, Retribution, and what I didn't play, I faced...Trust me: I know about tricks. But sometimes I enjoy 'gimmicks' like the 'extinguish furnace trick'.


  1. Cool! Can't wait to be on the other side of the table against you!!!!

    1. In a Steamroller not too long from now...
      Hopefully my army is ready for May 12th ;)

  2. Consider the tentacles on the base stolen, all in all a great mini. Look forward to getting some games in against him.