Saturday, 27 October 2012

X-Wing: A Pilot's Life...+Mega Battles V1

A Pilot's Life:

You wake up to the sound of your Star Destroyer Cruiser "Code 5: All Pilot's to their Tie Fighters'' alarm...
Eat your breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day,
Brush your teeth because it's important...and the Empire doesn't provide dental care.

Okay it's time to go!!

You jump in your ship, giant mechanical arms throw it from it's docking bay rack, from your cockpit you can see the incoming X-Wings.

You're being shot at!! 
You evade that quite easily by doing some nimble maneuvers while laughing.

It's your turn to shoot now!
Pew pew pew!! Well, the Empire sure didn't invest in good weapons...As ineffective as it could get.

On your board, the ''locked'' sensor (that's if you're lucky to have one on your ship) tells you you've effectively been locked by another ship's weapon systems...
No sweat, couple of barrel rolls and evasive actions later and you're still flying around.

On your com-link you ear that Jim ,who was lucky enough to get a kill (how did he do that!!!??) got promoted to squad leader! As Jim learns the news you can ear him scream back at Control to be demoted (why wouldn't he want the promotion??)

Couple of seconds later his ship explodes in flames, shot down miraculously by the X-Wings. Same as the 3 other squad leaders recently promoted.

Barrel rolls and evasive actions later  your ship, still flying and with a huge hunt score of 0 enemy ship destroyed is asked to go back to Dock, battle is over.

You disembark,

Brush your teeth because it's important.
Another day in your pilot's life.

X-WING: MEGA BATTLES: "The more, the merrier"

So here's my v2 of my system to organize mega-battles of X-Wing with your friends:

We Played:

-20 turns (tracked on a d20)
-Dark Empire Trilogy = free for all, the empire is fighting itself...and so are the rebels in this massive chaotic battle
-25pts per persons ,which can mean 2 tie fighter (one at 13 and one at 12) or a good pilot with skills or equipment his ship would normally be able to equip.
-each time somebody gets a kill, he draws a random skill card, if the skilled pilot dies, the card goes back into the pile.
-Round table, everyone chose a spot, they'll start there...and re-spawn there too! That's right, infinite life!!

SO: 20turns, 25pts/person, the one with the most kills wins!
This recipe gives roughly that!
It is an insane amount of fun!!
The best? Two kits of X-Wing will allow up to 6 players (although this time we had Tie Advanced).

Oh and those pizza shapes on the board? Yup, they totally are work in progress Star Destroyers and Imperial frigates...But how to build these for really cheap and great result is an article for next week ;).

Good hunting Black Squadron!

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