Sunday, 19 August 2012

Foamcore Industrial Warehouse Terrain Project

My piece for the store. My first intentionally indoor/outdoor terrain piece. Lots of work went into it, and sure it doesnt look spectacular, but its a prototype.

I started with a foamcore base with walls and flooring, glued together using scholastic glue. I then added the walkway on stilts, ledges for the loading bays and the raised flooring, binding with the same glue. The wall pattern (inside and outside) came after as did the floor pattern, which in hindsight should have come after (you live and learn). The patterns themselves came from the internet (thanks google!),and they were glued to the walls using Super77 spray glue. The accessory bits were next; the Pegasus ramp and ramp support, glued into the foamcore for extra support and angled in such a way that a standard model will not fall or slide down; the Pegasus bannisters, pinned through at two points and anchored into the walkway; the ladder, anchored into the flooring and propped up against the walkway; and finally, the two step Pegasus staircase on the outside, which was anchored into the wall. And voila an industrial warehouse with three shipping bays.
A couple of details will be added in the future, such as bay doors from paint corrogated cardboard, front door and a roof for battlefield integration. I am very happy with the results and plan to add to the inventory of indoor/outdoor terrain of the same style in a variety of city fight/jungle terrain.  It is for 25/30mm wargames such Infinity, MERCs, Warhammer 40k, Dark Age and  and WM/Hordes.
Here are more images of the final product:
 The floor was left intentionally clear so as to add terrain elements within the building.
Thanks for reading! Comments suggestions?

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