Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nuclear Launch Detected (Part 2)

(Fanfiction) A Brief history of the トラ (Blue Tiger) Sub-company:

Blue Tiger had a lot to play in the Japanese space program as well as in mercs armor development. Originally manned by Japanese space-entrepreneurs who wanted to develop space tourism, the blue tiger had to develop its own spaceship design in order to build orbital tourist resorts and then bring them there.

In 2137, The Blue Tiger Company was bought by what would later be known as the Keizai Waza Corporation.
The Keizai Waza wasn't interested as much in the space tourism as in the technologies these space entrepreneurs had, more specifically the Helium-Atomic Battery (a GFR, Gas-cooled Fast Reactor).
Although at the time it had been bought, the Helium-Atomic Battery design the Blue Tiger possessed was made for powering spaceships and orbital hotels, its energy production levels were promising and it seemed the technology had a lot of potential.

 2153, due to the nature of its projects, Blue Tiger is given military contracts by the Keizai Waza, more precisely launching defense or spy satellites and miniaturizing the the Helium-Atomic battery so it can be used to power the new MERCS armor prototype. In addition to these contracts, the Blue Tiger was assigned several Mercs teams in order to protect launch sites, laboratory and company offices.

From 2153-2183: The Blue-Tiger, while fully incorporated into Keizai Waza research department was able to keep its name within the Keizai-Waza corporation, speculations are it is a reward for having successfully miniaturized the helium-atomic battery and the good completion of its military contracts.
The Mercs assigned to their office have their own color of armor and have access to one of the most ruthless weapon developed from their space technology:the Tactical Nuke (although toxins were designed by other labs).

The Keizai Waza Forward Observer

 Wow! The power of the nuke blast is hitting the Forward Observer making him almost stumble. 
Or maybe he's like the Pathfinder and the rest of the team: not glued on their bases and awaiting their shiny new bases from Secret Weapon.

Hope you like it!! I had A LOT of fun painting this mini and it is probably my favorite design out of the team.

On the battlefield this guy is where the heat is to admire the marvel of technology that Keizai Waza has: The Tactical Nuke. (On a side note: he's very generous.)

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