Monday, 19 March 2012

GAMA 2012 Report (Part 1)

So I had the luck to go to GAMA.

For those who don't know about GAMA: its the game manufacturers convention. Basically game manufacturers meet in Las Vegas to show their upcoming products and talk about them to retailers. Retailers meet to attend seminars and meet distributors and manufacturers.

Games I checked at GAMA:

Its going to be a BIG YEAR for CoolMiniOrNot!

-Dark Age: is going to have a new expansion called ''Devastation'' in which the CORE (industrial robots left by a corporation) re-awaken.

 Say hello to the Pathfinder: the big monstrosity in the middle.
 Side view of your new best friend: the Rend.
Front view of the Rend.

GAMA was also the opportunity for me to get a demo of the game, despite the fact that I had the two rulebooks and 2 starters + a couple of miniatures since Gencon, I had never played or tried the game before.
I can say the game is definitively good! I was a little afraid of how this whole d20 system would work but it was pretty smooth and things died fast if you exposed them. A good dark sci-fi game to check out!!
Their website:

-Super Dungeon Explore: Another great game under the wing of CoolMiniOrNot, this time designed by Soda Pop Minis Studios.
I must say Super Dungeon is in my top 5 best miniature games I own and I was awaiting patiently the expansions. GAMA was the occasion for me to see what was coming! (although I already knew about the turtles aka Rocktop Gang since Gencon 2011)

 Gotta love these turtles! When you kill them they leave a little shell ''a la Super Mario''. (shell not displayed here)

I think this is a new mini boss. 

But we already knew all this stuff back from Gencon 2011...But wait there's more:

That's right! A new anti-hero for Super Dungeon Explore!
How will he work and who will he work for?? My guess is that he'll be under the control of the Dungeon Lord.

As you can see there's a full new expansion with two (or three?) new heros, in addition to the turtles there will be the Fireflow citizens! (little creatures of flame...Plus a mega-boss)
Sadly my pictures of the Fireflow Citizens are too blurry for me to post.(My camera is dying, I accept donations ;))

-Relic Knigts: the other game by Soda Pop Miniatures. I eared a lot of good things about it but never got a demo...even at GAMA. Beautiful minis for it, as a painter point of view it's paradise! The game should be released during Gencon 2012 if I recall correctly.
As I don't follow the new for Relic Knights I don't know what's new and what isn't.

 Hasami (apparently not really new)
Well I do know One-shot isn't new at all...But I like the model too much.

There's also Jetbikes with Suicide Queen on one of them.
Relic Knights looks very promising, Now I need a demo of it.

-Sedition Wars: Did you like Space Hulk? Did you like video-games like Doom, Alien Swarm or Dead Space?? Then you'll probably love Sedition Wars!
My boss and I got a demo from Mike McVey and I must say it was quite good.
 It's all about a nanovirus.
Me playing the Infected on the prototype demo.

In the demo, my opponent played a kill-team led by Captain Kara Black and it is supposed to purge the level of a spacelab from infected. 
The game was pretty intuitive and easy to learn despite all the abilities. Beautiful minis and interesting concepts (you can infect the humans and the infection spreads in some point your big boss, depending on who he his and his abilities, can start taking control of infected humans. When they reach the final level of infection, the humans turn to your side and evolve into fully infected).
Released at Gencon 2012.

Well, you thought that was it for CoolMiniOrNot at GAMA? Nope, they had one more suprise in their sleeves, this announcement: Confrontation is back!! (I'll update that as I get more infos)

As I said, a big year for CoolMiniOrNot.

Here's link to part two of the report: PART 2 of GAMA 2012 REPORT


  1. Definitely some neat stuff going on.

    Are those robots in Dark Age their own faction or just an add on to existing factions?

    Loving the turtles for Super Dungeon Explore!

  2. Ce n'est pas tout pour Soda Pop (et probablement Cool Mini comme distributeur) cette année. Il y avait aussi un nouveau jeu de carte présenté pendant GAMA: Tentacle Bento. L'as-tu essayé ?