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TTO PT 2: Consider Yourself Hired!

Terminating the Opposition Part 2: Consider Yourself Hired!

The Part 2 of my Terminal Directive campaign for the Android Netrunner Game against my opponent Tacin.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: Don't read this article of the following of ''Terminating the Opposition'' if you intend to get Terminal Directive. I would hate to ruin some of the surprises for you.

And if you don't care about spoilers or Terminal Directive, Part 1 is here.

In my first game I managed to unlock the Set 2 which not only advanced the story in many directions as my corporate investigation and security team was building a case and retracing the Android and murders.


As I previously mentioned, in the campaign you can make decisions based and these decisions are linked to one of two Ethos ''Predator'' and ''Protector''. With these Ethos come cards, tasks or files.
I had chosen the ''Predator'' Ethos when the game began as I like to think of my coporation as unwilling to cooperate with authorities and 'leave no witness' like Weyland. It becomes even more important when you play Haas-Bioroid and we're talking about a rogue Android.

For Set 2 I had another Ethos choice to make and each of them came with cards that I could add in my deck. When I saw the name of one of the two cards it confirmed my ''Protector'' choice and I was extremely happy.


Tacin had just shown me Inez Delgado an investigator in his deck, he found her so cool but I now had the opportunity to have her working for me. Not only did she look totally badass on her artwork but I absolutely loved the idea of my corporation bribing the cops to shutdown the investigation.

So hard to find a good picture of beautiful Inez.
Here she can be seen pretending to work for the Runner and the NAPD

It even helped that her ability is weird and cool, just how I like them! = She's a 3 Cost Asset (medium-expensive) that can be trashed for 5 (at least there 's that) and whenever you score an Agenda you can exchange it with one in the Runner scoring area and trigger that agenda's ''when scored'' ability.

My own crappy picture of Beautiful Inez

My 'Domestic Sleepers' just became that much better!

But I must say she went into the deck because I wanted to see Tacin's face when the person he believed was helping him had just been hired and worked for me now.

As for the other choice, I looked what I missed (yes we chose our Ethos before looking at any of the benefits, we are hardcore like that and its very fun!): an easy to use mercenary that would have allowed me to try Mr.Stone, VP of Pension and Retiring from Weyland.
Would that Merc have been better than Mrs Delgado? In the right deck probably.

Maybe next time or if there is a drastic corporate change.


-1 Bioroid Efficiency Research
-1 Ultraviolet Clearance
-1 Strongbox

+3 Investigator Inez Delgado (corp)

It pained me to remove the Clearance but Strongbox and BER were nothing critical so overral I felt Mrs Delgado could be put to good use.


I might have mentioned that in the Terminal Directive campaign there are objectives, tasks and Ethos effects but I forgot to mention Cautions. If I didn't have any in game 1, Set #2 brought his lot of Cautions for me to play around.

Cautions are tasks that if accomplished will unlock cards or effects that have punishing effects on the Corp or Runner that ignored them.
Set#2 gave me a caution that would trigger if I was ending a turn with 20 or more credits in my pool as well as a caution if I used more than 1 click per turn to draw a card.

GAME 2: The Traitress Reveal Herself

Tacin saw his economy cards really early, I, on the other hand saw a lot more Ice and a lot less agendas than in game 1. But with Tacin's economy in full blast he managed to pillage R&D for 3 Agenda points before I could stabilize (one 'Evidence Collection', one 'Brain Rewiring' and an infamous 'Domestic Sleepers').
Then I managed to trigger 'Investigator Inez Delgado' and exchange a scored 'Bifrost Array' to get back my 'Evidence Collection' bringing the score 2 to 2.
In all this, Tacin suffered an 'Enforcer 1.0' which trashed one of his Cloud Icebreakers, an economy card and gave him a brain damage.

I finally scored a 'Brain Rewiring', by then I had seen quite a nice burst of money (going as far as 17credits....I had to be careful about that Caution) thanks to Estelle Moon and paid money to utterly destroy Tacin's hand. Seidr Laboratory is so high security that we'll erase the memory of any intruders (when we don't erase them altogether).
The nail in the coffin came in the form of a perfectly timed 'Paper Trail' scored just as Tacin was recreating his economy to start again his runs through my Ice. 'Paper Trail' must have trashed at least 3 or 4 cards. (And now that I write this report I realise I accomplished a Task)

Paper Trail, you da real MVP!

The rest was an easy Evidence Collection scored to win the game and allow me not to be too late for work.


That's not what Tacin said when he discovered her on my side. He even said worse when she did her job and tempered the evidence to trade a 1pt Agenda for a 2pts one. Definitely I think mrs Delgado will continue her good work for Seidr Laboratory for the time being.

On to game 3 and because I trashed enough Runner Cards (thanks to 'Paper Trail' and 'Enforcer 1.0') as well as winning the game once again with my 'Evidence Collection' agenda I unlocked more goodies!

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