Thursday, 26 November 2015

What's in the Box - Necromancy in a package!

That's right folks, it's time for another "What's in the Box", the column where I open up something news (and miniature-centric) for your viewing amusement and edification.

This time, we've got a surprise model all the way from Australia, a limited edition resin model made as a proof of concept by someone from one of the older Rackham boards and subsequent exile-filled forums. He had a run of 100 models made, based on some art regarding a model that Rackham never released in pewter, but whose plastic prepainted release he felt was far underwhelming.

And so, without further ado, here's my unboxing (unpackaging?) of Rhea de Brisis.

First up, just as with Anakron's parcel, this model came in through a bubble mailer.

Inside was just the blister for the model, the production casting written in Sharpie on it.

Funnily enough, it wasn't the usual blister foam that was in the blister, but a square of non-slip rubber. Useful to keep the resin from moving around so much!

The model itself came on a long tab, with one arm having come free in transport (thank all miniature gods that the piece wasn't as small as some of the original Rackham models'), but otherwise no visible damage.

 Above: Some pictures of the loose arm.

Above: Pictures of the model on its tab.

I'm sorry for having shrunk the pictures (hopefully they'll expand if you click them), but I figured it'd be neater this way and would make the whole thing easier to read.

As you can see. The model is pretty clean, with no visible mold lines. There's a bit of flash to be removed, but nothing major or which could cause a piece of the model to break.

The model was priced at 25$ AUD (that's about 24$ CAD, or 18$ USD), with an extra 17$ AUD for shipping (which is fine, as shipping to/from Australia is always super expensive). At that price, it's worth a buy, though I have no idea if the model is still available (make sure you use Paypal if you can, as my bank charged me an extra 30$ fee to wire funds for the purchase). Even despite that additional fee, I don't regret it for such a gorgeous model.... almost makes me nostalgic for the glory years of the Red Dragon...

See you next time when I unbox something totally unexpected (again!).

Edit (Dec 8th 2015): Was just confirmed today that there are still some sculpts left, and that shipping is now a flat 10$ AUD (about 7.25$ US) worldwide (except for New Zealand). Now's the best time to snag one of these beauties if you can!

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