Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jarl and the Hunters Grim Pictures

I finished my Jarl Skuld and Hunters Grim.
Bases still need work, flocking, etc...But overall I consider these done for now. :)

While Jarl was my drop for last year Chaosludik, Hunters Grim will be the 2015 replacement, hopefully giving the same amount of headaches and trouble to my opponents as Jarl did.

 Jarl's base is from MicroArt Studio...fun fact #39: I had bought it at Gencon 2011 or 2010 fir Gunnbjorn but I ended up selling Gunnbjorn to a friend who could'nt go to Gencon...It wasn't until way way later that I acquired another Gunnbjorn and in the meantime Jarl, like the highwaytroll he is, had stolen the base for himself.

I'm sad I finished painting him 1-2 days too late for the June Painting Challenge on the Gamers' Vault page...especially since he was fitting the theme so well (I started him at Templecon and never continued since I came back from the con).

Ah, the oh so professional paper towel background!

Grim's base was made using Scibor basing kit and cork...with some Vallejo Sandy Paste. The plan is to add lots of plants, flock and water effect when I'll be basing all the trolls.

I hated the Fluff for the Pyggs in Gargantuans...they reminded me of the Autobots twins in Transformer 2, a horrible movie I sadly got dragged to by a friend.

Hope you like them!!
Thanks for reading  looking.

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