Thursday, 24 July 2014

DUST: Captured 1.5 ton Cargo Trucks

--Asocom Report on Axis Captured Trucks and their Use by SIK--
-For your eyes only-

When the Axis did their 1947 assaults on the Eastern Front, the intensity and strength of the Wehrmacht caught off guard many SSU divisions who, sometimes, were forced to retreat before they could even try to apply a scorched earth tactic.

This allowed some Axis units to acquire 1.5 ton Cargo Trucks and while most of these were used to haul equipment and crates behind the lines
, in the case of the ''Sonderbetrieb und Infiltration Kampfgruppe'' a.k.a ''SIK'' (Note: Our spies could not find any particular division number or marking specific to that combat group, our only knowledge of its existence is through references in mails shared by high ranked Wehrmacht officers) they were adapted to transport personnel and were reinforced with extra armor plates to protect the driver as well as armed with two MGs to allow it to support infantry.

One of the most interesting this about these two trucks is that the engine has been changed for a small vk-driven engine and the extra armor plates has been layered on the inside of the engine compartment instead of the outside. We suspect the 'Russian truck aspect' was of importance to the 'SIK' who is also known for using captured KV-47s in its ranks.

Here are pictures of the captured 1.5 ton Cargo Trucks used by the 'SIK' as you can notice, there are female soldiers in the SIK, another thing of importance that you won't see on these pictures is the fact that most soldiers in the SIK are coming from the same military school, have the rank of officers and, from what reports indicate, can speak multiple tongues with almost no noticeable accent. A frightening fact were they to start wearing enemy uniforms.

-End of the report-

I love the combination of the Dust girl resting with some extra bits from Dust Studio's Axis Weapon kit 2, the helmet and uzi suggesting she's a soldier and not a random girl taking a break while the silencer on the uzi will reinforce my theme of 'special operations and infiltration'.


...But deadly!! this woman might me talking to someone or just enjoying the moment but she 's ready to use a Panzerfaust at a moment's notice!
These two converted russian 1.5 ton Cargo Trucks from Tamiya 1/48 will be used by my forces as Halftracks, sure they look less armored and don't have tracks but I'm all for the theme of my force :).

Painting-wise, they used the same colors as my previous work on the Otto and Captured Natasha with the hood of the truck being 'Sand Yellow' (VAL) and the wood at the back being 'German Green' (VAL) washed heavily with 'Baby Poop' (SWM).
I still have to install the plastic part for the trucks' lights but I'm still wondering if I try to put infrared lights instead...
I also have a decal missing on one side of both trucks as...I rand out.

On a totally different note, I just bought the new Company of Heroes 2 expansion (its a WW2 videogame) and I must say the Oberkommando West is fun to play! I especially like the... Special Operation Doctrine: you get 'Radio Silence' and 'STG44s equipped with infrared scopes', yes please!!

My next projects will probably be a small command halftrack for my force or a second Otto (I want a total of three captured KVs!) or starting to do a recon grenadier squad equipped with infrared scopes...

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