Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Summer Fling Thing

Howdy folks, this is my Blog baptism, so hopefully I can gather my thoughts in a manner that is enjoyable for all...

Many of you know me through Warmachine…I do play other games (Star Trek Attack Wing, X-Wing, probably getting back to Dust, etc.) but for about 2 ½ to 3 years it’s been Warmachine! Something about the characters, the Jacks & Beats, the Sci-Fi & Steampunk ambiance, let’s not forget the general balance & gameplay. So ever since 'Wizards of the Coast' dropped Star Wars (I have something like 2,000 Star Wars minis) it’s been Warmachine…


Summer is a special season for Wargamers; so many other activities take the place of Wargaming… let’s not forget summer vacation. Stores and clubs have to keep generating events & leagues but attendance is way down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably the worst at this when summer comes around…
Not being in school, ‘Summer Break’ has a whole different meaning for me…it’s the perfect time to take a break from my regular Wargaming interests…and to start new/old projects that I have been meaning to invest some time in.

Dice Masters:

This summer, my girlfriend and I have been enjoying Wizkidz ‘Dice Masters’, which is a fun collectable card/dice game built around the Quarriors mechanic. I have never played Quarriors so I can’t compare the two games but this game is a lot of fun. It’s basically a resource management game, perfect to take out and play with any ‘non-gamer’ or family & kids.
The rules are simple and Boosters (2 cards & 2 dice) sell for $1-1.50. It is a collectable game but don’t let that stop you, if not played competitively lots of fun can be had with a partial collection. Wizkidz has put out some rules/print-outs to help people get into the game (using regular 6-sided dice) as retailers are completely out of Starters. (Funny how you can find booster boxes everywhere)

They made a great tutorial with 'Watch it Played':

Star Wars LCG:

This summer also marked my return into the LCG world and if you hadn't noticed just by my Blogger name, I am a Star Wars Fan! 
I am not however a card game player, I enjoy them for a time and then they collect dust on a shelf in my basement. I have played Magic, Decipher’s Star Wars Card Game in the late 90s, started Netrunner and played the Star Wars LCG prior to Edge of Darkness (which made all 6 factions playable). 
What I do love about Magic is the different ways to play Multi-player games (2-Headed Dragon, Emperor, Archenemy & Plain Chase). So when I realized the Multi-Player Challenge decks were available for the Star Wars LCG (Balance of the Force Expansion) I ran home and forced my girlfriend to grab our old decks and start playin’again. The game has evolved since the last time we played and as we add new expansions to our collection we keep realizing how much of the fun we missed. Sadly, I have been doing a lot of introduction demos to friends but haven't had the chance to play the Multi-player decks!(which is why I got back to the game!!!lol)

Star Wars LCG info including a tutorial (that I wished my friends would watch before playing!):

But even after all this fun, a card game is a card game…and for me it’ll return to its dusty shelf once I’m done with it. 

Out with the Old, in with the New...

Summer also brings me an excuse to try out new miniatures games. I will be saying good bye to games I haven’t really played (Dystopian Legions, DZC) and all of my GW models (with the exception of my Dwarves, I have plans for them...).

Here is my new ‘Coup de Coeur’ which will feature in my next few articles on WNT following my experience with this game.

Wild West Exodus was a Kickstarter by Outlaw Miniatures last year. I am not one who jumps in Kickstarters, but I have been following for some time the games evolution…mostly through 'Beasts of War', but still... 
This week I was killing time at my favorite Gaming Store when I came across the 2-player Starter for the game. Having already done my research on the Core mechanics and the Fluff of the game it was a no brainer...that box was sold!!! On top of it, the two factions featured in the starter are the two factions I was hesitating between.

So what is Wild West Exodus (WWX)?!!

WWX is a 35mm miniatures game in a dark Wild West setting. Strange technologies rule the old west and death lurks at every corner.
Steampunk Cowboys & Indians...add to that Zombie-like Automations created by the World's Brightest Scientists & Abe Lincoln Leading the Union with his Axe-Gun after having crushed the Confederate States of America!

Why re-write everything when you can just add links to an article that people can click on if they are inetrested:

When trying a new Wargame you have two options:

a) Buy the 2-player Starter so you have a faction/army to lend/play against when somebody wants a demo/game.

b) Find a friend interested in the game who will purchase his own faction/army so you actually have an opponent to play against.

The great thing about my situation is I now have both…having bought the 2-player Starter the first option was easy to achieve…but my good buddy Mooseman has just purchased the Warrior Nation Starter Box. 
We are planning on getting our 1st game in at GamersVault on miniatures night Thursday (July 17th 2014). So drop in and have a chat with us and hopefully this game will give me an experience to share on the WNT Blog!

 Hopefully my super-long 1st Blog wasn't too painful of a read...


Till then, keep on Gaming!  

 Turtle Power!


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