Friday, 1 November 2013

DUST: KoenigLuther

Although totally unfit for Elba's small roads, the 203Pzabt. could not have their KoenigLuther reassigned, as such High Command allowed the resources for it to be brought on the island.

Originally meant to be used by previous 203's Major Wilhelm, the KoenigLuther is currently driven under ace pilot Rüdiger.
One of the first vehicles to be repainted when on the island, it has so far escaped allied notice...but will prove a nasty surprise to any of the other two Bloc's vehicles venturing too far on Elba.

Man this thing's canons are freakin' long!!!

Again a big thanks to Paul for the airbrush equipment. I did: 3 armored cars, 3 medium walkers, 1 plane and 1 heavy walker in the span of two days.
I'll post more pictures as the final details and decals are done.

Thanks for reading, here's hoping you'll face my 203pzabt on the battlefield of Dust one day! ;)

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