Friday, 1 June 2012

Challenge Accepted!

It has come to my attention that a couple of the members of this blog and other friends have taken it upon themselves to put in place a painting challenge... an Unbound Challenge. That is, paint 150 pts of Warmachine or Hordes for an fully painted Unbound game. As I dont see myself being able to purchase supplemental models to make 150pts of either Menoth or Trollbloods (84 and 112 pts, respectively), I have taken up the challenge to paint similar amounts of points in other game systems.

As I have recently acquired a great many Necrons thanks to Mr. Paul, I will be painting those as well as other small groups of minis. 
Here is my Challenge so far:
- 25 Necron Warriors
- 5 Necron Immortals
- 5 Necron Pariahs (which will be my Triarch Praetorians)
- 5 Flayed Ones
- 1 Necron Ghost Arch (with magnetized bits for easy conversion to Doomsday Arc)
- 4 Necron Destroyers with detachable upgrade to Heavy Destroyers
- 3 Necron Wraiths
- 4 Scarab Swarms
- 1 Necron Lord
- 1 Necron Destroyer Lord - Finished
- Infinity Yu Jing Imperial Service Box 
 - 3 Celestial Guard
 - 1 Wu Ming
 - Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank
 - Hsieh Warrior
- Infinity Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Group
 - Oniwaban
 - Daofei
 - Immediate Action Unit
 - 2 Aragato Senkenbutai
 - 3 Karakuri Special Project
 - 2 Ninjas
- Infinity Yu Jing Support Pack
 - 2 Yaozao
 - Zhanshi Yisheng
 - Zhanshi Goncheng

And to top it all off,
- Guild Austringer
- Guild Exorcist

The group as they are:

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