Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sekret Projekt: "Da Wing'' (Part 3)

In  Part 1  and  Part 2  I showed how to build the main ship but there was couple of details left, so for today we have:
-Building a turret (with Kinder Surprise's eggs)
-Putting the ship on an ''official GW flying base''
-raging because GW announced official ork flyers that look super sweet
-rejoicing because we're building flying ork transports and those aren't going to be official GW releases in...a long time.

Step 11: Make your kid happy!

Go buy your kid a Kinder Surprise, then eat the chocolate, give him the toy and keep the egg. (Or you can try to give him the chocolate as you will only need the egg but I'm trying to make everybody happy there!)
Cut the egg, for this project you will only need the top (the small part).

Put the top on the thicker plasticard sheet you used in part 1-2 and with a pencil go around it to create the shape you need to cut.
Cut it and glue it to the egg-top.

Now the regular orky stuff you're used to: cut in the thin plasticard a long thin rectangle and glue it aroung the bottom of the egg.
Glue a canon or weapons you want, don't put them too high as you'll want to put a little ''window'' for the gunner to see.

For the little ''window'', I'm creating them the same way I did for the rest of the spaceship.

like that!
Now I forgot to take the picture of the next step so you'll have to trust me on this:
-put a tank hatch on top.
-armor the sides of the turret by gluing between the hatch and the band of plasticard you put on the bottom rectangles and triangles.
-glue rivets on all this.

last thing for the turret: glue a little earth magnet, that will allow you to turn it, remove it, etc.

glue the other magnet on top of your ship.
Here you go! Your Blorkade Runner now has a shiny new Killkanon!

Step 12: The last one before painting
So it appears I messed up when I told you to glue the back of the ship because in order to put the ship on an official base you'll have to pin it....And you can't leave pins in empty air.
Solution to that is to put green stuff between the platform and at the very end of the beer glass (roughly center of the ship)

Here you go, the cool thing with the ship being transparent is you can see what you're doing.

GW official flying stand (ordered separately from Valkyrie kits)

drill it and put the pins in it.
Drill in the ship, so it goes in the green stuff for more stability/solidity, put two pins.


Step 13: 'Ere we go! 'Ere we go!

My first Blorkade Runner being painted. You'll see a lot more pictures of it soon.

Oops! You can also see the other two Blorkade Runners. Don't they look awesome? Well I gave you three tutorials to complete your own orkish flying contraption!

Stay tuned for:
-Arena Battle Report (with my contributor Llew playing the Blue guys)
-LOTS of pictures from the Arena table my boss and I have been working on (it is already awesome!)
-Pictures of Arena, Pictures of my painted orkish army.

Thanks for reading and if you post a picture of your own ''Blorkade Runner'' (made following my tutorials) I'll try to find something awesome to offer you!

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